Queensland Senate Candidate

I am who I am – and I call a spade a spade – I am a Christian and I love Jesus Christ first and foremost and I follow the precepts and law of the Holy Scriptures by the grace of God. 

I am 53 years old – I was called into service of our great Land Australia when I was only 17 years old under the shadow of the Falkland’s war – I joined from the country town of Blyth South Australia ready to fight for the ideals and core values of our land; as it turned out the UK did not need the assistance of Australia in that conflict however it did mark the beginning of my 21 year career in the ADF. I served ready to do as my country called me to do; my core duties were in logistics and I finished my career in Queensland, wearing the title of Quarter Master Sargent (QMS).


Since my military career I embarked on a course of study at James Cook University in Community Welfare (BACW) (completed 2012) - As my love for people is only matched by my love for Australia. I had to work my way through this course undertaking many casual positions covering many fields including Drug and Alcohol rehabilitation, caring for the disabled and elderly, employment consultant and a time I even tried my hand at child care. After my course was completed I sort full time work and was successful in finding a position in retail that relies on my core skills from my military career. My passion to help and serve people has not abated and I still find myself helping people whenever I can. 

I never wished a position in public office but as I have watched over the years our rights and our way of life eroded by self-serving career Politian’s that are selling Australia down the tube:- to political correctness and self-destructive policies such as the Carbon Tax (or whatever name they want to call it) the red tape and over taxation of the people the so-called “Free Trade agreement” FTA’s that are destroying our industry and manufacturing sectors, the protection of our borders from illegal aliens and falsely called refugees whom come not to flee war and strife but to suck on the welfare system (economic opportunist), the list goes on.  I am answering the call to serve my country once again, not in the ADF but in the new battlefield of public policy. 

If elected I will represent the people of Queensland – calling out the bigotry and hypocrisy of the major parties to “Keep the Bastards Honest!” as it were.  To be part of the force to steer Australia back to her core values as enshrined in the Australian constitution that our forefathers founded under God for all Australians.