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Authorised by: Kim Vuga 

President of Love Australia Or Leave Party, Townsville QLD

My interest in wanting to help Australians started at primary school as a Junior member of Red Cross. Since that time, I have involved myself in many community projects and many I have taken on myself. 

Collecting blankets and winter clothing  for Tasmanias homeless  is now an ongoing event.  The number of homeless living in tents and on our city streets, couch surfing, has increased dramatically  in recent years, as has the number that have come to me directly for help.

Our current governments seem more interested in helping those displaced by their own ideology, than those that have helped to build this country, the people who elected them.

I was born in 1961 in Launceston. At the age of three (3) I was placed in State care, fostered and later adopted. I moved to Hobart and grew up in Bellerive on Hobart’s Eastern Shore.

I am a mother of three (3) adult children and I have four (4) beautiful grandchildren. 

I have always strived hard to do my very best both at work and in any endeavour I put my mind to. I have always held strong work ethics and worked throughout my early teens in which I held various positions in retail and office jobs. 

Outside work/school hours, I participated in many sport and outdoor activities, conclusive to the Australian way of life. Basketball, gymnastics, volleyball, tennis, indoor cricket and was an active member of both OVA and Eastern Suburbs Athletic Clubs.  I coached a junior girls basketball team throughout their underage years, and was lucky enough to be chosen as  the assistant coach to the State u\19 girls squad.

I also volunteered at a local YMCA as a gymnastics instructor for primary aged school children and attended Tae Kwon Do classes at the same YMCA for nearly 5 years.

In addition to this, I was involved in community work for the multible disabled in Tasmania and was awarded the title of Mrs Multicap 1982/83.

In 1986 I started my own business as a manufacturer’s agent, wholesaler and importer of pharmaceuticals and giftware, run in conjunction with my husband’s business in the electrical and electronic fields. 

During this time I also trained as a phone councellor for LifeLine, which has been invaluable to  me on many occassions when speaking with people down on their luck.

After my mariage breakup, I entered Uni TAS studying Law, Psychology and Administration whilst working for a local transport company.  I also gaining valuable insight and experience by  being involved with police, community workers and local schools, addressing the issues of young offenders and homelessness at this time.

I was a committed committee member and Youth Development Officer for the Eastern Suburbs Rugby Club for many years, holding coaching clinics at various schools and organising annual games between schools.  I still have ties with the club today.

I live on  Hobart’s Eastern Shore.

I have always loved Australia and our way of life but recently I have seen changes, in my opinion not for the better, and apathy from government parties who no longer seem to have the best interest of Australians at heart.

Australia needs a government who has a focus on addressing the issues of poverty, homelessness and the lack of facilities available to returned servicemen and woman, before taking on problems of foreign affairs.

Many physical and mental health issues arise from homelessness, adding more pressure to our already ailing medical system. If its every Australians right to have an education, then I believe its every Australians right, to have a home.

“The legacy we will leave for our children depends on the actions we take today”.