I was born in 1968, I grew up in Bankstown and attended Bankstown Primary School during the 70’s. My family relocated to the Mid North Coast, Tuncurry-Forster in early 1980.

In my early 20’s, I worked as a personal trainer and aerobics instructor. I was heavily involved in many outdoor activities associated with the Australian way of life. In my spare time I worked as a volunteer for Taree Rescue Squad as an Accredited Rescue Operator. In addition to this I then spent two years working for Air Sea Rescue at Hervey Bay Queensland. I am trained in Emergency Disaster Rapid Response and I am a proud team member. I am always ready to assist my community and nation in times of natural disasters like the clean up operation of Townsville's 2019 recent floods.

In 2002, I moved to Darwin, working full time as a civilian employee at all three Defence Force Bases during the Iraq war and the Bali bombing. It was during this time I held a military - ASIO security clearance of secret.

I also held positions with the NT Police CIB, where I worked on coroner’s reports, transcribing court reports, including working with the CIB Internal Investigations Branch. 

In 2006, I relocated to Townsville with my husband and my family.  I have four adult children and eight gorgeous grandchildren who also reside in Townsville.

I am nearing the end of a Bachelors Degree with majors inpsychology,sociology  and journalism, via distant education with the Central Queensland University. I am currently employed as a Mental Health worker. 

In October 2014, I was involved in the making of a TV Documentary ‘Go Back To Where You Come From’for SBS, which I travelled through many hotspots in the Middle East. At times I was placed in extremely dangerous situations where I spent time with the Kurdish fighters in front line positions and was shot at by ISIS while in Syria. 

I was held at gunpoint at one stage when the Kurdish fighters thought I was an ISIS fighter who had snuck into the camp in the early hours of the morning. Our crew was detained at Baghdad for 7 hours, driven out of town with radical muslim airport security, confiscating all our cameras and filming equipment. 

During the making of the documentary, I visited the UN refugee camp and witnessed firsthand to why Australia should be very concerned about its border protection and the disadvantages of having an open door policy towards immigration. I learnt very quickly of the types of people we shouldn’t let into Australia. It was from this experience and the many security issues that I witnessed, that will affect our country in the foreseeable future that has cemented my concerns and convictions today.

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In December 2014, I had organised meetings in Cairns and Mareeba and formed a fighting committee in Mareeba to fight a proposed $70m Islamic Boys Boarding School. I had come across extensive evidence which contradicted what was being publicly said about the boarding school from key stake holders.

I uploaded this information to the STOP the $70m Islamic Boys Boarding School through the Mareeba Facebook page, exposing the information for what it was, a misrepresentation of the truth. The information I collected consisted of audio and video recordings exposing corruption and lies involving the proponents of the Islamic school and the many discrepancies of Mareeba Shire Council.

Through my investigation I was able to prove that the Islamic Boys Boarding school project was not what it claimed to be. It was a radical islamic training camp. The school was connected to two other radial Islamic schools, in Nigeria and India. I compiled all the evidence and forwarded the brief to the Crime and Conduct Commission QLD (CCC) for further investigation.

The CCC found that there was not enough evidence to find corrupt conduct of Mareeba Shire Council. However, CCC did find that they had concerns on how the Islamic School operated as an organisation. Therefore, for completeness the Crime and Conduct Commission forwarded my concerns onto the AFP for their information and any action they deemed as necessary. I was contacted and told that this school would never be able to set foot in Australia again. This was a huge win not just for Mareeba, but for all of Australia.

In August 2015, I exposed SBS for their planning of a TV show to include myself and convicted terrorist Zaky Mallah airtime. I rejected my part in the show exposing The Feed for attempting to give a convicted terrorist air time.This was at the time when the ABC was already under investigation after they had invited former terror suspect Mallah to ask a question live on air. I had forced Malcom Turnbull who was Communications Minister at the time to get out of bed early on a Saturday morning to face a press conference to try and explain why was SBS planning to ‘Go Back To Where ABC Come From’. The good news, I received all the media, Zaky Mallah got none. The only platform left for Zaky to vent was his twitter account spewing his hate towards The Australian newspaper for breaking the story, with Zaky Mallah tweeting; “Has ISIS bombed Newscorp yet?”

In 2017 I won a discrimination case against the Hervey Bay Beach Hotel for Discrimination after they had refused my members and myself from entering the venue on the basis that they did not agree with our political views. A three day hearing was set down in Brisbane at the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT) on Monday the 23rd, 24th & 25th October 2017. It was found that the hotel had contravened the Anti-Discrimination Act 1991. 

I won direct discrimination, discrimination in a goods and services area and discrimination on the basis of my political belief. 
Given that I was self representing and up against a large law firm with a barrister and two solicitors I was happy with how I was able to represent the facts, the truth and stand strong. 

It has been one of the biggest challenges that I have ever taken on. At no stage did I think that our fight wasn't worth it.

What does the win mean?

It means that no longer should we be continually refused entry or have cancelled bookings when it comes to holding our political events. No longer will anybody, any Australian be discriminated on the basis of their political beliefs or activities.

We have set the precedent and our case is now a landmark case when it comes to political discrimination.

We are all protected under the Anti Discrimination Act when it comes to our protected attribute, that being our political beliefs.

Community Accomplishments

The Road to the Senate

Why I am running!

Having always been true to Australia, I have seen Australia change rapidly and not for the better. I believe we need to be voting for a government that will maintain strong policies that will protect our country from all threats that exists both internally and externally which would endanger the lives of Australians and challenge our way of life.Ibelieve that we need to be putting the Australian people first. It is time we fixed up our own backyard and looked after our Aussie battlers.

I honestly believe, that I have Australia’s best interests at heart and when I make any decision I will be questioning how the decision will impact ‘us’not just in the short term, but how it will impact on our future and how it will impact on our children should I be elected to the Australian Senate.

We need to continue to look after our own people before our global neighbours. 

We must get our country up and running and back on track sooner rather than later.

It is important to me about what legacy we will leave behind for our children, our grandchildren and future generations to come.