I do not like where the current LNP Government or a future Labor Government will take Australia and Australians which is why I have decided to stand for the Senate with LAOL party, which in my opinion is a true patriotic party who wants to put Australia and Australians first.


I was born in Parkes NSW and currently live there but I have also lived in Sydney and America.

I have had various jobs from the family farm, working in factories, a car salesman, truck driver to private security and Primary carer etc.


I know the pain that regular Aussies go through on a daily basis.


Politically correct I am not, I tell it how I see it and if asked my opinion I give my opinion no matter if it upsets or offends people.


It is time to get out of the UN and stop their dictation to Australia and what we have to do, who we have let in and who we have to give money too. We need to put Australia and Australians first and foremost.


With the diversity of the Australian climate we should not be importing food and supporting farmers from other countries when our very own farmers are hurting and can not compete with cheap overseas products which we have no control over how it is grown, chemicals used or if they are GMO.


Growing up Australia had thriving manufacturing and textiles industries that have all now been moved to overseas costing Australian jobs.


Australia should be self sufficient in everything, we have the natural resources here to do so.


I am an avid fisherman and bow hunter, not only does it get me into the great out doors but it is a good time to clear my head and reflect on my life.

I made my own bows to hunt with and have made some lures to fish with, there is nothing like putting food on the table with something you made.

Kayaking is another past time, I use my kayak to fish from as well has keeping myself fit.

Just being out in nature surrounded by the sights and the sounds in God's creation is truely peaceful and the perfect time to pray and give thanks for the life I have been fortunate to live.

Life has not been easy with many set backs along the way, but it has made me the man I am today.

I have lived in America and that experience has made me love my country and fellow Australians even more, without that experience I would never have seen the changes our once beautiful country has gone through, a lot of changes for the worse.

I call myself a patriot although a lot of people call me other things, but if loving my country and fellow Australians makes me a some what bad person then so be it, call me what you want, nothing people say will ever change my love for Australia and fellow Australians.


Current and previous governments have done nothing but slowly but surely sold Australia off to the highest bidder without the permission of the people whom they are susposed to represent and the true owners of public assets.


We need to put a perminant ban on Sharia law, the burka and the Halal tax.