I was born and raised in Seymour Victoria in 1971. At the time my parents lived in Puckapunyal. I am born from Irish parents, however I was raised by my step father Crpl Bruce Earnest Brown. My step father whom I grew knowing as my only Dad from the age of 11 months raised me to be a very proud Australian. He was a Vietnam Veteran and Damn Proud! His old fashioned Australian proud morals and values he instilled in myself and siblings. So I guess you could say I am very passionate and vocal about our Country and the current situation we now sadly find ourselves in.


I have 4 children, my oldest daughter Ashlee Linda Brown, now resides in Heaven after she converted to Islam and was murdered by her Islamic husband on the 6th of November 2016 in Craigieburn, Melbourne. Upon learning as much as I could on Islam after my daughters murder leads me to believe we as Australians must have a firm stance on Islam in Australia. That particular subject I cannot impress enough.


I also believe it is time our beloved country and people need more than ever a fresh new honest open and up to date approach to politics in Australia 202.


I am very honoured to become a Candidate of the Victorian Branch of the "Love Australia or Leave party, founded by Kim Vuga QLD. I am in agreeance with the policies of Love Australia or Leave party and believe the approach and proactive attitude will go far in our fight to preserve our Australian values and protections not only for us but also for the 'good of our country'. Our current government is out of touch with the average Australian and the needs and wants of our people , and I welcome the opportunity to be able to proactively be a part of fighting the "good fight" I believe as a team we can all come together and try our very best to make Victoria and Australia the home we once knew, trusted and love.


So, most importantly I ask of you to please reach out!


Tell me what you would like to see change or happen in our state of Victoria ..


I WANT to hear from you! I want to be your voice!


Together I believe..we .. can .. make .. Victoria .. Great again! And in turn Australia.