Kim Vuga 

Senate Candidate Queensland

Running for the Senate will never be about me. It's about the opportunity to serve you, the community, by bringing about the change you want to see in our Parliament. Enough it Enough....the time for change is now. Let me be the change you want to see in our parliament. SEE MORE

Paul Monaghan

Lower House Candidate for Fisher, QLD

Paul says, “It’s time for a purge of our politicians. Let’s replace them with ‘real’, honest Australians who have the best interest of our people and our country as their first priority. Now is the time for change so that we can still save our country and way of life. Stop foreign ownership, selling off our public resources, time to make this the Lucky Country once more”. SEE MORE

Karen Street

Senate Candidate for Tasmania

Karen believes Australia needs a government who has a focus on addressing the issues of poverty, homelessness and the lack of facilities available to returned servicemen and woman, before taking on problems of foreign affairs. SEE MORE

Russ Barber

Senate Candidate for New South Wales

Politically correct I am not. It's time to get out of the UN and stop their dictation to Australia and what we have to do, whom we have let in and who we have to give money to. Australia should be self sufficient in everything, we have the natural resources here for there to be no excuse. SEE MORE

Gavin Wyatt

Senate Candidate for Queensland

Gavin said, he never wished a position in public office but says, as he watched over the years our rights and our way of life being eroded by self-serving politicians that are selling Australia down the tube, to political correctness and self-destructive policies. Gavin says he is answering the call to serve his country again, not in the ADF, but in the new battlefield of public policy.  SEE MORE

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President of Love Australia Or Leave Party, Townsville QLD