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The present political debate in Australia, is dominated by arrogant elites. Their policies and aims, are no longer those of the mass of our people. It is time for the majority to take back the shaping of the debate and use the power of our votes to enact policies that reflect our wishes and values.


The first step is to open a national debate by the people themselves, the elites have given us this chaos, now is the time for them to be silent and listen.

We do not pretend to have all the answers here, but we do know which matters are in need of urgent attention and are of great importance to the future of the country. We will strive to force our leaders to address these matters, in our approach the elite’s role will be much reduced and the voice of the citizens will be paramount. 

Working within the law, and within the political framework is a 'Key stone' for any good society. It is better to resolve issues, bring about change through being part of the Australian political system, than to fringe around the edges and stand-by idle. All Australia's great leaders have made change through democratic political processes and the Love Australia or Leave Party endeavours to uphold this fine tradition.

Any measures that protect our country from the threat of potentially aggressive or persons detrimental to the future and safety of Australia, should be deterred at all costs. 

We cannot look after those in need, if we do not secure our own future. SEE MORE

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Kim Vuga talks to SBS Journalist about Sharia existing in Australia 

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