$4 million family day-care fraud syndicate Western Sydney


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SEPTEMBER 12, 2019

Nahida Safar is one of many parents who allegedly provided their children's identities to the fraud syndicate JANIE BARRETT

Up to 40 people have been arrested in their involvement in a fraudulent Child's Family day care Centre.

Sixteen mothers from Western Sydney were also involved when they allegedly handed over their children’s details to the Red Roses Family Day Care which was set up to look like a legitimate childcare centre.

All 16 involved are expected to be charged with participating in a criminal group.

The arrest comes after seven other women were arrested this Tuesday.

Investigators are now going after the parents who gave their children’s details to fake family day care centres.

Lubna Al-Hashimy, right, covers her face with a scarf, after being arrested over the alleged fraud. She is pictured leaving Bankstown police station with a supporter who has not been charged with any offences. JANIE BARRET

Police allege that the business fraudulently claimed benefits by falsifying timesheets and rosters and advertising photos of children who were never in care.

The not so clever mastermind behind the scheme Mr Farmann was the registered director of the business. He made approximately $30,000 a fortnight, spending the money on real estate, luxury cars.

In May 2019 Mr Alee Farmann was charged with directing a criminal group and was given bail. Farmann is yet to enter a plea. The next court date in which Farmann is to appear will be at Liverpool Court September 30.

Alee Farmann arrested at his George Hall home. NSW POLICE

Farmann’s wife attended Bankstown police station, she was arrested and also charged with directing a criminal group.

Six more women were also arrested and charged with participating in a criminal group. Two out of the six are Nahida Safar, 35, and Mariam Farhat, 32.

All were given conditional bail and released and are due to appear at Liverpool Local Court on September 30 2019.


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