JULY 27, 2019

Mitcham Council has come under fire by the community for cancelling a local Christmas Carol event. Mitcham Council has deemed the event “too religious” and only for Christians.

For the past 22 years Mitcham council has held the Christmas Carols event, known as Carols by the Creek. Last year the event was moved to Kingswood oval for the first time. The larger space allowed newer opportunities which resulted in more than 4,200 people attending. Attendees of 4,200 is a significant number of people given the Council now want to cancel the event.

MP Sam Duluk is fighting the decision and said,

"Council has really lost the plot, political correctness, they want to destroy culture".

The event costs $52,185, with $45,000 coming directly from ratepayer’s money to fund the Carols. A further $7,000 is raised from the event.

Up until this was made public there had been no ‘community consultation’. Now that the mainstream media is involved an urgent council meeting has been called.

The Mayor told 9NEWS,

“The Council has listened to the community and has scheduled a special meeting for Tuesday, where councillors will again vote”.

The Mayor Heather Holmes – Ross said,

“If the community overwhelmingly want this event to go forward then it will go forward".

If council was really working for the community then the very first thing that they should have done, was to consult with the very community that they are supposed to be representing and not wait until it had gained traction via the media forcing the council to hold yet another meeting.

Surely the council have other pressing issues to deal with on behalf of the ratepayers and instead should maintain their focus and concentrate on 'roads rates and rubbish'.

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