Asylum Seeker Advocates Call On Government To Let Illegals Out Of Detention Centres Due To COVID-19

Updated: Mar 23, 2020


Refugee advocates believe that we should be removing illegals out of Australian immigration centres and that we should place them into the community due to the Coronavirus.

Alison Battisson a lawyer based in Sydney believed that illegals were at risk given detention centres are currently at full capacity.

Alison complained that there was short supply of toilet paper and hand sanitiser and some of the men had no toilet paper. Illegals also complained that they had to use shampoo to wash their hands.

According to SBS, Ms Battisson believes it would be punitive to hold detainees given the courts and tribunals were shut down.

The Australian Border Force stated they are very focused on the health and safety of detainees and staff during this time.

A spokesperson from The Australian Border Force said,

“If any detainee shows symptoms of the virus, they would be isolated and tested in line with federal health advice”.

This is just another ploy by the refugee advocates to try and get their way hoping that the current Coronavirus pandemic will give them a free pass into our country.

We have been told in the future that we will see climate change refugees, now we are seeing COVID-19 being used as just another escape goat.

Let's hope our borders remain shut and those that have broken the law are eventually deported.

#RefugeesNotWelcomeHere #SendThemBack #COVID19