MARCH 27,2020 recently revealed that a Chinese company ‘Greenland’ sent 90 tonnes of now scarce Australian medical supplies directly to the city of Wuhan, the original epicentre of the Coronavirus.

The shipment was sent at the time when Australia’s case load of COVID-19 cases were starting to increase. The Chinese employees residing in Australia decided to buy up all of our already limited medical supplies, including everything from surgical masks, hazmat suits, to hand sanitiser and panadol and sent them directly to Wuhan.

Every staff member employed by Greenland, from HR, even including the company’s receptionist all followed the company’s direction, leaving their every day duties, were told to go out and gather as many bulk medical supplies as they could.

Just how our Australian government ever allowed that to happen is just as big a mistake as allowing cruise ships of COVID-19 infected people to disembark unchecked onto our home soil.

The ‘Greenland Group’ responsible for pillaging Australian medical supplies is owned by the Shanghai government.

However, Greenland was not the only Chinese company culprit, as ‘Risland’, previously known in Australia as Country Garden, one of China’s largest property developers has also helped themselves to purchasing bulk medical supplies, including medication & PPE.

A whistleblower from Greenland told the Herald it was a worldwide call out to the Australian Greenland company and other global Greenland companies.

The global giant property group “Greenland’ was founded in 1992 and manages large building development projects in more than 100 cities in nine countries, specialising in high rise developments.

Risland Australia CEO Dr Guotao Hu (Left) pictured in front of private jet carrying Australian medical supplies to Wuhan

Risland Australia’s CEO Dr Guotao Hu was pictured on Risland Australia’s Linkedin page,

farewelling 90 tons of medical supplies directly from Sydney to Wuhan apparently successfully arriving in Wuhan on the 24th February.

Everything from millions of surgical masks, with thousands of boxes of protective clothing, hundreds of thousands of pairs of gloves, bulk loads of antibacterial wipes and bulk loads of hand sanitizer were on board the corporate jet.

Both Chinese Australian based companies, Risland Australia and Greenland is dominated by mainly Chinese employees – no surprises there.

Chinese property developing group Greenland scoured Australia to purchase bulk medical supplies. Photo: SMH

From the very beginning when Australia’s first case of the Coronavirus had been diagnosed, medical professionals, G.P’s and hospital staff have been concerned about the lack of Personal, Protective Equipment (PPE), for the current pandemic.

We were already a nation short on our face masks due to Australia’s catastrophic bushfires.

There comes a time in this country whereby Australia MUST look after its own people and our own nation.

While the majority of the blame for what can only be seen as theft, lies squarely with the employees of Greenland and Risland and their respective CEO’s, some of the blame must surely lie at the feet of the Australian government. The government would have been well aware that a pandemic was looming and that those medical supplies would be paramount to servicing the Australian people. The quantity alone should have been enough to have raised red flags, and the destination should have sealed its fate. They should never have been allowed to leave our shores.

Australia opens its borders with welcome arms to accommodate those from China, and the only thing it asks for in return is a loyalty to both the nation and its citizens. This case has proven beyond reasonable doubt there are Chinese citizens that live here only to loot our supplies from us and exploit and take advantage of our generosity.

If we are to learn anything at all from having to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, it is that we MUST ensure that all medical supplies remain on Australian soil to be used by Australians FOR Australians!

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