As so-called refugees on Manus Island are rapidly increasing their behaviour of so-called suicide attempts, meanwhile in Australia……

Australia is suffering a national emergency when it comes to our soaring suicide rates, with funding promises in an attempt to address the issue, also comes the cuts to community services.

Let’s not forget the facts in QLD alone, 804 people took their own lives, more than three times the number of people who died on QLD state roads.

Our emergency rooms in hospitals throughout Australia are struggling due to over flowing ED departments with the increase of people due to 33 years of overpopulation rates, with people attending in need of urgent mental health assessments. Many are left for hours unseen in waiting rooms with one tragic case in Tasmania of a man who could not wait any longer and walked out of ED into the hospital grounds and took his own life.

So, let’s not forget our own before refugees:

Let’s not forget the more than 65,000 Australians who make a suicide attempt every year.

The six men that take their lives in Australia every day.

Our Defence men and women who lay their lives on the line are tragically forgotten, we lose 49 in just one year.

The 77 Indigenous children who have killed themselves already this year – 35 dead in 3 months including three 12-year-old children.

Do not fall into the trap of believing the behaviours of the illegals in detention centres.

Do not for a moment believe that it is your fault we have detained them there. After all they decided to make the journey instead of staying home to help and protect their people and their land.

The illegals on Manus Island have an extensive history of creating a culture of acting out by role playing attempted suicide and self-harming that sometimes results in accidental suicide by those who will do absolutely anything to gain a foothold into Australia.

How soon the people forget, the coaching by the parents including refugee advocates – the sewing of lips together, the hunger strikes, the fake attempts of suicide.

The $70 million compensation payments handed down by the Victorian Supreme court to 1693 illegals claiming apparent appalling conditions

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