JUNE 21, 2019

Khaled Temssah, a 29-year-old Melbourne used car salesman was arrested yesterday as he arrived at work by the Joint Counter Terrorism Team as part of operation Kozjak for allegedly planning a trip to join an overseas conflict.

It is alleged that Temssah made preparations between June 3 and June 20 to travel overseas to engage in hostile activities in conflict zones.

Khaled Temssah, also known as Khal, had travelled a few times to the holy site of Mecca and a trip to also see his mother.

Khaled’s boss says,

“That he became more openly religious over the three years working at the car yard. He’s not a really overt guy, if you like. He’s not an out there, bouncing around doing deals kind of guy”.

“He’s pretty straight to the point, but a nice person. A really soft, gentle, peace-loving guy. He’s really against any sort of violence”. His employer said.

“Over the last three years he’s been he’s gone through a bit of a change, just the way he presents himself, like his beard and clothing. He’d sometimes leave in his robes and what you have you, but we respect everyone’s right to follow his religion. But it’s great he talks Arabic to customers”.

According to Nine News, work colleagues at the time of the arrest were unaware and it wasn’t until a customer approached asking for help with a car, “because your other bloke is getting arrested”.

(Photo: The Australian)

Temssah faced Melbourne Magistrate Court last night where he did not apply for bail.

He has been remanded in custody and the case was listed for a committal mention on 26th September.

Issues had been raised about his first ever time in custody, such as the risk of self-harm and an undiagnosed disability or illness.

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