AUGUST 1, 2019

Queensland sugar mills will be a minority with the majority now to be owned by foreign companies.

Two sugar mills, one in Mackay will be sold to a German company Nordzuker, while another mill, ISIS Central Sugar Mill is expected to be sold to Pakistan, owned by Almoiz Group by the end of September.

This will leave just two of the 21 Sugar mills in the Sugar industry in Queensland Australian owned, with 19 sugar mills foreign owned.

It has only taken a decade to see Sugar Mills in Queensland to completely reverse, a decade ago only 5 percent of the sugar industry was foreign owned and today 95 percent of the very same industries are now foreign owned.

It is a time of grief for the millers and growers as they try to save jobs in the industry yet, saddened by the loss of their heritage and the generations that fought hard keeping the industry alive from one generation to another.

The rapid increase in foreign takeover of the mills began after deregulation of the industry from 2006.

How many other industries in Australia will be forced to sell up to overseas buyers?

The sale of the two sugar mills to overseas buyers comes at a time when this week Flinders Shire Council also cut a deal with China to set up a new abattoir in Hughenden, Queensland. This Chinese project will see the new abattoir process up to 1,000 head of cattle each day with the beef snap-frozen and shipped back to China.

Not only are we selling off Australia, we are not securing our own food security for the future.

Very soon Australia will have nothing left.


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