February 2, 2020

They come in all shapes and sizes, different materials, different colours, but all with the same purpose in mind - to prevent breathing in the air of China, that now contains the Coronavirus.

The citizens of China have a long history of wearing face marks, mostly due to the country's notorious high smog levels, but in part because they have a history of airborne diseases like SARS.

In comparison, the only time facial masks are worn by Australian citizens was through the recent bushfire season where the smoke levels were significantly intolerable, and of course the likes of ANTIFA, who see fit to wear masks at political rallies, but not for respiratory protection, but as a cowardly way to hide their faces from authorities.

But where have all the masks gone?

With the global emergency developing worldwide, and the Australian government granting access to its stockpile of masks, Australian citizens are claiming its almost impossible to purchase a mask for sale in their local chemists.

Pharmacists confirm this claim, stating that within the first few days of the Coronavirus becoming public and the government releasing a portion of its mask stockpile, masks were being purchased in bulk, and they have now run out.

This appears to be a problem not just here in Australia, but in other places around the globe. The US newspaper The Richmond News has learned that many pharmacies across the city are either completely sold out of surgical masks or have only a handful left.

ABC News reports that pharmacies from across Adelaide have told ABC News they have sold out of face masks. Each time they refilled their stocks, they sold out again, they said, with demand continuing to increase.

Speculation is rife that Asians are buying in bulk to send back to China to family and friends, much like they do with baby formula. And whilst there is no concrete evidence of this, one could hardly blame them for wanting to protect their families from an airborne disease of which their home of origin is the epicentre.

So where can you get a mask?

LAOL Party has checked in numerous chemists across the country to discover that yes, they are out of stock, with no specific date on when they will have more stock. The Australian Government's supply of masks are being distributed through the hospitals to medical staff and to local GPs.

But there is good news. There are plenty of facial masks available online. Ebay has a decent selection, ranging in price from $5.85 per mask to $45.00 per mask, depending on what type of mask you buy. The recommended masks are PPE or N95 masks, according to authorities.

Or, you could really get value for money, buy a mask and then sell it to an ANTIFA activist once the pandemic has passed.

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