BENDIGO MOSQUE BEGINS & PREMIER DANIEL ANDREWS SAYS ‘Diversity is our greatest strength’

Updated: Aug 1, 2019



JULY 29, 2019

Daniel Andrews took part in a sod-turning ceremony at the site where the Bendigo Mosque will be built.

Bendigo held the largest patriot protest rally of its kind in August 2015 with more than 1500 people who travelled from all over Australia to participate in the rally to show fellow Australians their support in standing against the Mosque.

The town of Bendigo is bracing now if it isn’t already, bracing itself for the influx of an already growing Muslim community with no doubt many Muslim families in other states now thinking of moving to Bendigo to set up shop and claim the town as their own. Of course, we know how that works out for the many of us who have already witnessed the devastating effects observable right now in the UK.

There are many towns in the UK that once had a sense of itself, an identity, these towns and cities are now completely Islamised. In a place in Yorkshire a town called Saville was a town just like Bendigo. The 2011 census showed there was only 48 people out of 4033 residents that were white British citizens, the rest identified as Muslim.

Daniel Andrews commended the Muslim community in his speech on Friday, when he told the Muslim community that their fantastic demonstration showed that diversity is our greatest strength.

He thanked the audience that was made up of Bendigo councillors, the Muslim community and police for their passion and their commitment for reaching this point and said there will be many other mosques built in the future, each of them will be a celebration of diversity that set us apart.

“In Bendigo and every other part of Victoria right across the state we don’t tolerate diversity, we celebrate diversity. We are stronger for the fact that we come from many different parts of the world, we are safer, we are united, more interesting, more profitable, more prosperous because we come from so many different perspectives and different backgrounds with cultural and faith-based traditions. It is who we are,” Daniel Andrews said.

Bendigo Mosque Design

Citizens of a country should never be made as the minority in their homeland. It is destructive and a dangerous move that will have disastrous consequences. However, this doesn’t seem to matter to our opponents who would market and promote places like Sydney and Victoria as an example of being beautiful and not to mention how wonderful the diversity is, that they created. Despite these places being ethnically homogenous areas.

Diversity really means less Australian citizens.

Could you imagine if Australian people travelled to countries in the middle east and turned some of their towns into Australian enclaves? That wouldn’t be called diversity, that would be called colonialism. When it happens to us though we are told to shut up and that our opinions are racist, we are bigots and that we are Islamophobic.

Culture and ideology is tied to group identity all in forms that manifest. When that group grows to such a scale their belief system encompasses everything too.

It is clearly amplified in Western Sydney in places such as Bankstown, Auburn, Greenacre and Lakemba since the dominant group is Islamic. Their Islamic ideology is fundamentally anti-western in its nature. A society that does not resemble ours in any way shape or form. Muslims have a different legal system and strong over the top social hierarchy.

Islam is an all engulfing political structure that dictates every area of day to day life.

As the Muslim population rises in a town, like it will in Bendigo the town will become completely eradicated.

Pubs in the area will shut because there will be no more customers that will drink alcohol.

The local people will have nowhere to go or socialise or shop and locals will start to depart and leave the area until nearly no one is left except the Muslims.

Will you allow yourself to become a minority in your own town or country all in the name of not being called the word Islamophobic?

Towns in Australia will be conquered and guess what? The Muslims did not have to use a sword or fire one shot because the welcome gates were, are open.

The Labor party and the Greens over the course of decades have engineered all of this, while selling the Australian people out.

This has to be stopped and reversed – no more Islamic Immigration of any kind with a complete halt on all immigration.

Those that are already here and that have come from the middle east must be returned to their homelands at once. We should be sending them back to rebuild their homes and to help those who chose to fight and not flee.

It is time for a repatriation program, a small price to pay to save our nation.

We will witness the town of Bendigo, yet another town falling into the hands of foreigners all while the useless idiots elected in Canberra and the idiots like Daniel Andrews who continue to pat themselves on the back while ruining our country crying it is all in the name diversity and diversity is our greatest strength while never thinking of the consequences they have inflicted on us and our children.

Don’t sit on the sidelines and watch Australia disappear.

Andrews is wrong. Diversity will destroy our nation.

Love Australia Or Leave Party have a very detailed `'Hardline Immigration Policy' and Combating Islamic 'Extremism and Islamisation Policy'. National security MUST come first!





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