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FEBRUARY 3, 2020

The 2019/2020 summer season has been notorious for its severe bushfires, that raged from Queensland all the way down into Victoria, effectively dominating the east coast of Australia. The destruction has been significant with 5 million hectares of land burned, over 2,500 number of homes lost, and 29 number of lives lost, to say nothing of the countless animals that perished.

With every disaster, sometimes the only thing people have left to cling onto is hope. Hope, that they can rebuild. Hope, that people will consider their plight and donate generously. Above all, 'hope'.

But what happens when the very charities that are supposed to be the ones supplying you with that hope, only deliver on a third of what they promised?

Are the charities the only ones to blame? Each major TV Network were more than happy to align themselves with a respective charity. The ABC aligned with the Red Cross, Chanel 7 aligned themselves with the Salvation Army and Chanel 9 found themselves in bed with St Vincent's. With the powerful combination of each respective charity aligning with a major public media platform this only served to provide the charities with greater marketing reach, to appeal for money.

LAOL Party has put together an expose of the charities that have collected monies for the recent bushfires but have thus far failed to pass on the full amount, we advise what you can do to put pressure on these charities to pass on the full amount donated, and we offer suggestions on how you can help effectively the next time a national disaster strikes.

So, stay tuned as we attempt, with your help, to hold these charities accountable.

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