A Chinese development company, China Bloom has gone to extreme lengths to stop Australian residents accessing their Island



DECEMBER 2, 2020


China Bloom own the main lease on the island when they bought a 99-year lease in 2019, for a portion of the island situated just 34 km outside of Mackay, North Queensland.

Wealthy Chinese developers are squeezing out Aussie lifestyles on a mass scale.

Situated in the Whitsundays, inside the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park is Keswick Island. The Island with 550 hectares on the Island is declared National Park is owned by the QLD government, yet now leased by the new Chinese owners, ‘China Bloom.’

The new Chinese owners have even closed the local airstrip to residents on the island, forcing locals to make a 30 km trip by boat to the mainland or return to the island.

Residents are also banned from docking at the main boat ramp.

Chinese owners have also placed large signs around the island stating:


This is KESWICK Island’s

Private Leased Area

So, now the beaches are off limits to the public, and the National Parks on the island are now padlocked as well.

China Bloom gave local residents just three day’s notice to pack up and vacate their leased properties, evicting locals from the island.

To say the local residents are fuming, is an understatement. Local’s believe that the island should be allowed to be used and accessed by all Australians.

One resident told A Current Affair,

“That it seems like Keswick Island has become a province of the Chinese Communist Party.”

Tourism on the island has also died off with the airstrips now closed and the Chinese company is forcing homeowners to leave and no longer allowing owners to rent or sell their properties.

China is enforcing their own rules on the residents of the island forcing evictions and putting up roadblocks for perspective buyers wishing to purchase properties on the island.

China Bloom’s agent in Australia is a company called Greaton Holdings, which has in place over a billion dollars in construction in projects already underway in Australia.

Not surprising is China Bloom’s links to the Chinese Communist Party leaders, Lee Fu Chang.

Unfortunately, Keswick Island is not the only island under Chinese control as other islands include St Bees, Lindeman Island, South Molle Island and also the famous iconic Daydream Island are also in the hands of the Chinese.

St Bee’s Island has been left in a mess by China, killing the environment, seriously impacting the island on a range of environmental issues, such as the destruction and killing off the turtle nesting areas.

Also, eight illegal commercial fish nets have been seized by Fisheries QLD.

Who can we blame?

Well guess who?

The Queensland government!

The lease of China Bloom now falls under the new Minister for Natural Resources, Townsville State MP Scott Stewart.

Annastacia Palaszcuk passed the buck and told Current Affair that she is not across the issue.

The Qld State government must intervene, and China Bloom should face charges for serious breaches of their agreement and their lease terminated immediately.

Just like PM Scott Morrison has been unable to contact the CCP President numerous times and to no avail. You can expect the same in return from China Bloom who will not engage with any other parties, except the Chinese Communist Party.

This story is only the tip of the iceberg and gives insight to what China’s real intentions are when it comes to Australia.

The Chinese takeover is happening right before our government’s eyes, yet our government is failing miserably when it comes to protecting Australia’s interest when dealing with China.

Australia needs to wake up to Chinese owned companies and developers, who might be able to pull the wool over our government leader’s eyes, but not all Australian people are asleep when it comes to the realization of what China’s real intentions are – A Chinese takeover.

Australia needs to wake up, and fast!

How this deal, along with many others has been allowed to go ahead is outrageous!

Surely, the Australian government are well aware of China’s intention. National Security alarm bells should have been ringing out loud and clear, but like everything with the Queensland government, just like the Federal and other State and Territory governments, they continue to lease off and sell off Australia for the sake of a few dollars. Clearly ignoring the ramification’s and putting at risk Australia’s National Security and the interests of the Australian people.

With escalating tensions rising between China and Australia, it is time that Australia takes control and ban China's entry to Australia, rescinding all lease agreements, take back Australian assets, take back our islands, agricultural land, airstrips, hospitals and Ports and forbid Chinese students from entering Australia.

It’s high time Australia started calling the shots!

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