AUGUST 1, 2019

Flinders Shire Council mayor Jane McNamara signs deeds in presence of Chinese investors and QLD Senator James McGraph (Photo by FSC)

New deeds were signed this week for the development of a new meat processing facility in the north west town of Hughenden, Queensland.

The Chinese investment company CNVM has committed itself to the construction, with the plan to be operating by 2022.

The Chinese has signed a business plan with Flinders Shire Council committing to the deal.

Mayor Jane McNamara said,

“Importantly this new project will provide the opportunity to expand, develop further export channels, and grow the domestic supply chain for Queensland beef into China”.

The new abattoir will process up to 1,000 head of cattle each day and will employ 200 employees. The beef will be snap-frozen and shipped to China from the Port of Townsville.

Extra cattle will be sourced from as far away as the Northern Territory, which now have Chinese companies with their eyes on other struggling abattoirs in the hope of obviously buying up more abattoirs.

The Chinese developers are hoping to have the approvals in place for the new abattoir by the end of 2019, with construction taking place beginning 2020.

Mayor McNamara says,

‘I’m sure we have great support from both Federal and State governments on this proposal”.

The project will cost $100 million-plus for the beef cattle abattoir and feedlot. The feedlot is expected to handle 50,000 head of cattle.

The council is partnering with the Chinese company by providing 900ha of land and has committed to providing water, power and road access.

CNVM Chinese investment representative Miao Wang said,

It was a very exciting project, not only for CNVM and their partners along the supply chain to China but also for further developing good working relationships between Australia and China”.

The new deal between Flinders Shire Council and China comes after this week it was revealed that Queensland sugar mills will be majority owned by overseas interests as two major sales are set to go through. Leaving just two of 21 sugar mills in Queensland Australian owned.

Australia must secure our food industry for the future, otherwise Australia will be forced to import food from China and other countries to secure our own food security.

Since China rid themselves of the one child policy in the last decade, China has been scrambling to secure food security for their country buying up agricultural land and abattoirs in Australia and the US.

We must put a stop to all foreign ownership when it comes to Australian farms and agricultural land including our major assets such as the sell off and long-term lease of our Ports.

Not only are we selling off Australia, we are not securing our own food security for the future.

Very soon Australia will have nothing left.

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