by Edward Boyd and Danielle Le Messurier, The Daily Telegraph

What is it with the labor Party and their close ties to Beijing, and to be more accurate, the Communist Party?

A $5000 payment given to NSW Labor leadership candidate Chris Minns in 2013 has been linked to an association which has connections to the Chinese Communist Party, according to news reports.

An ABC report claims Mr Minns was paid $5000 in “moving expenses” to return to Australia in 2013 to assist federal Labor colleague Chris Bowen during the 2013 election campaign.

An internal NSW Labor invoice obtained by the ABC shows the Teo Chew Association — which is chaired by Sydney-based Chinese businessman Frank Chou — donated $100,000 to Mr Bowen’s federal election campaign on April 19, 2013.

Mr Chou is a prominent Chinese-Australian businessman with connections to Beijing. In a 2017 interview with China Daily Mr Chou said he established the Australian Chinese Teo Chew Association in 1988.

“Setting it up aims to help the new immigrants to Australia, especially those who do not have adequate English skills or other resources, so that they can quickly adapt or even integrate into the local society,” he said.

The payment from his organisation comes after former Labor senator Sam Dastyari resigned in 2017 from federal parliament over concerns about his links to the Chinese government.

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