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FEBRUARY 2, 2020

As of today, the current toll for the Coronavirus pandemic stands at 305 dead and 14,642 people infected. At least, that is what the Chinese government is telling the world. The toll for infected Australians has now risen to double figures. That's a worrying state of affairs.

What if those weren't the correct figures though? What if, like many have suspected, China has been withholding information, or worse still, deliberately sabotaging the figures to minimise the extent of the virus?

Well, they are. .

Reports are starting to come through from a journalist and 'insider' on the ground in China, that things are far from how the Chinese Communistic government is portraying them.

Medical staff are reporting that diagnostic kits that are being supplied are only being supplied to hospitals that "qualify" and the amount being supplied is less than 10% of what is needed to test patients to diagnose the Coranavirus. 

The insider and the independent journalist both say that diagnosis kits are only provided to certain “qualifying hospitals” and in very limited quantities. Medical personnel at these hospitals have said that the number of kits they are supplied is less than 10 percent of what they need to test patients.

As it currently stands, hospitals are now refusing to diagnose new patients and if they qualify, they are allowed only to be offered treatment, but no offical diagnosis will be given.  

In short, what this means, is that China's Center for Disease Control (CDC) is able to put a limit on just how many cases are deemed as 'confirmed' each day, effectively altering the official numbers.

When the insider was questioned about what was happening inside China he stated,

“Initially, there were several days in a row when there was not a single confirmed patient with Wuhan pneumonia. But when other countries identified patients among people [traveling] from China, the CDC was forced to increase its reported cases. That explains why all of a sudden China reported more than one hundred newly confirmed cases in a couple days. They are manipulating the tally. The real number of patients is far greater,” he said.

This photo taken on January 30, 2020 shows officials in protective suits checking on an elderly man who collapsed and died on a street near a hospital in Wuhan. Picture: Hector Retamal/AFP

He further explained that another reason for the CDC’s reluctance to provide diagnosis is that, when a patient is confirmed as having been infected with the coronavirus, he or she will be able to receive free treatment. The government will then pay for their treatment, he said.

Additionally, and perhaps even more concerning, is that medical staff positioned to look after those with the virus are working out of hospitals that poorly equipped to protect their medical personal from contagious disease, and as suspected, many of the medical staff themselves have now been infected with the virus.

“Even these medical personnel seeking treatment are rejected by qualifying hospitals. Some are currently receiving treatment at relatively low grade hospitals,” he said.

In addition, the hospitals that are qualified to perform tests try to select those patients whose symptoms are mild for diagnosis.

“Patients exhibiting mild symptoms have a much higher chance to be cured,” he explained. “By selecting this type of patient for diagnosis, the fatality rate appears much lower than what it is in reality.”

In short, the biggest problems that exist are:

  1. a limited number of diagnosis kits,

  2. patients with symptoms have difficulty getting tested,

  3. severe shortage of hospital beds, and

  4. undiagnosed virus carriers traveling around.

Crematorium workers suspect that bodies that are being sent to them from the hospitals have not been listed on the official record.

When Love Australia or Leave Party put out our very first story about the Coronavirus, we were inundated with some people posting comments and inboxing messages stating that we were causing unnecessary fear and that we were against the Australian government’s decision in the handling of the Coronavirus. This was far from the truth as we were only exposing what we had coming out of Wuhan itself and the lack of action from the Australian government, to act and put in measures to keep Australian’s safe.

We reported just days ago of bodies left lying on the streets and on the floors of the hospitals.

In the last few days more disturbing images of bodies left lying on the streets have surfaced, shedding light on the true extent of the crisis where clearly the Chinese health officials along with the government are fighting a losing battle to contain the deadly virus.

A shocking story has emerged after a father and brother of a disabled Chinese boy aged 17-years-old who had cerebral palsy was left to die alone after his father and brother were taken from their home and placed in quarantine after they were showing signs of the deadly Coronavirus.

The boy, Yan Cheng could not look after himself independently due to his disability and was left alone for six days to fend for himself, but he died alone in his home 100km north of Wuhan in a rural province of Hubei.

His father had begged authorities to check on his son’s welfare and tend to him however, the authorities had only fed Yan Cheng twice in six days.

Central China’s Huanggang tweeted via the Chinese Global Television Network (CGTN) Beijing, new measures to contain the Coronavirus Outbreak now only allowing one member of any household to leave their home to stockpile supplies every two days with medical staff and staff of still open stores and patients seeking care being exempt.

One month on from what has officially been listed as the start date of the virus 31st December 2019, and in response to a growing speculation that China is covering up a larger death rate, China has only today admitted that their initial response time to the original outbreak was slow.

It took the World Health Organisation a bewildering full month from the onset of the outbreak before they upgraded the situation to Coronavirus being a Global Emergency.

Official guidance from the World Health Organisation and the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention makes no mention of wearing a face mask, but does not advise against it.  

Coronavirus can be transmitted from person to person, although it is not clear how easily. 

Most cases have been in people who have been in the Chinese city of Wuhan at the centre of the outbreak, family members of those infected, or medical workers. 

Transmission is likely through contact with an infected person via particles in the air from coughing or sneezing, or by someone touching an infected person or object with the virus on it and then touching their mouth, nose or eyes.

Previous research has shown that coronavirus becomes inactive more quickly at higher temperatures, but not immediately. 

The reality is though, Coronavirus is a new virus and little real information known about it.


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