JANUARY 26, 2020

At the time of writing this article, the Australian media have confirmed 56 deaths from the Coronavirus and 2,019 people infected, but there are reports coming in from other sources that are not only contradicting these figures, but are painting a far more horrific, nightmarish picture of what is actually unfolding in China.

In Australia, there are currently 4 confirmed cases of the deadly virus, 3 in NSW that are being held in quarantine at Westmead Hospital and the 4th case in Victoria.

There is also now a 5th person in New South Wales who is likely to also have the virus with results being confirmed tomorrow (27-1-2020).

A Chinese National aged in his 50’s contracted the virus after he spent two weeks in Wuhan, arriving in Melbourne January 19. He has been placed in an isolation unit where he is undergoing treatment at Monash Medical Centre in Clayton.

Prior to being diagnosed with the Coronavirus the Chinese National had presented himself to a GP on Thursday but it was not confirmed he had the virus. After further tests were conducted on Saturday it was found he was infected with the Coronavirus. He had already spent six days in Australia before being diagnosed and was the first confirmed case in Australia.

Victorian Health Minister Jenny Mikakos said,

“It’s important to stress there is no cause for alarm to the community”.

It appears that the family that the man had spent time with is also being monitored, however one of the relatives is still to being granted permission to attend work.

All passengers that were on same flight, the Southern Airlines flight CZ321 from Guangzhou will be contacted by the Australian authorities and alerted.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade have since raised the travel advice for Wuhan and Hubei Province in China to Level 4 – do not travel.

Professor Murphy has stated,

“We don’t know exactly how long symptoms take to show after a person has been infected, but there is an incubation period and some patients will have very mild symptoms.

Queensland’s Chief Health Officer Dr Jeannette Young said,

“We still don’t understand the transmissibility of the virus and that they will be treating them as if they’re confirmed cases, as a precaution”.

Meanwhile in China people are dropping dead in hospitals and on the street and the spread of the virus is rapidly rising with conflicting reports coming out from doctors and medical staff in China that there is now 100,000 plus cases of people infected with the Coronavirus.

We really must ask ourselves the question why the families and friends of those who have contacted the virus now residing in Australia haven’t been quarantined and prevented from any form of contact from the Australian public? Not to mention why the bloody hell the planes from China weren't sent back?

People who have arrived in Australia on an international flight who have symptoms that include a fever, cough, vomiting, sore throat and difficult breathing are being urged to contact their airline or a biosecurity officer.

There are still Australian citizens trapped in the Chinese city that has been dubbed 'ground zero'. According to the ABC it has been confirmed that over 100 Australian children from six months to 16 years of age remain in the epicentre of the outbreak of the deadly Coronavirus area.

Australian family Chen Chen and wife Cherry Xiao who is 34 weeks pregnant are worried about the birth of their baby due in March and is too scared to have follow up checks with doctors and report that there are other pregnant women who already are infected with the Coronavirus.

Those that are trapped in China are allowed to leave their hotel rooms but have been told if they leave they cannot return. Many have called on the Australian government to do what the US is doing and evacuate its citizens.

It is understood that the Foreign Minister Marise Payne is working with the Chinese authorities to get the Australian citizens out of China.

The UK is also in damage control after it has been reported that UK public Health officials are now searching for 2,000 people who flew from Wuhan to the United Kingdom in a race against time to contain the virus as passengers may not be showing any symptoms but still could be carrying the disease.

There are 1,000 Americans in Wuhan at the epicentre of the Coronavirus outbreak with the embassy trying to contact them to arrange for return flights back to the US.

With only 230 seats on the plane it seems many US citizens will be left stranded in Wuhan indefinitely. Medical personnel will be on board to treat anyone they suspect that is carrying the virus.

It is not yet known where in the US the plane will land.

The virus was first reported to the World Health Organisation (WHO) on December 31st. Sources from China had linked the disease to a family of other known viruses which included the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and the well known deadly SARS virus.

The virus is a pneumonia like illness. The symptoms as they are currently known include cough, runny nose, fever, shortness of breath, breathing difficulties, gastrointestinal symptoms and diarrhoea. There are also suggestions circulating that the virus can be transmitted from any orifice, including the eyes. Apparently, as far as authorities currently know, the incubation period is 14 days, which is much longer than the deadly SARS virus.

On Friday, Australia announced its first case. On the same day, French authorities confirmed 3 cases inside their country. The US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced the second case in the US in Chicago. As of today, a case has also been confirmed in Canada.

Currently there are more than 60 patients under investigation for possible Coronavirus infection covering 20 US States.

Scientists, researchers and medical professionals have been left scrambling to understand the full potential of the virus and are even struggling to locate the original source of origin, to how far it has spread and to how it is even transmitted. It's interesting to note that most viruses originate in farming areas and jungles, yet this has started in a main city in the heart of China. The location of the Institute of Virology is in the centre of the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

This in itself has to be questioned. Has this always been a disaster waiting to happen, assuming that the speed of the virus has originated from the Institute of Virology itself as is being suggested?

Australian Media is currently reporting that the virus has originated in the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market in Wuhan. The market sells fish, wild meat from other animals, bats and snakes. Markets have been implicated in the origin of the spread of viral diseases in past epidemics, so would be a convenient location to lay blame as the point of origin. Reports are also becoming available that of those infected, most of them did not go anywhere near the markets.

Video footage has emerged showing people literally dropping dead. One moment they are standing, the next second they fall, without warning, effectively face planting the ground, while others have already collapsed and are being attended to by what appears to be medical personnel.

The manner in which the patients are falling is disturbing and the amount of footage that already exists is also feeding rumours that the situation is far more dire than what the media are leading people to believe.

One of the scenes is reminiscent of the movie "Outbreak", one of the great scare stories of our time, the notion that deep in the uncharted rain forests, deadly diseases are lurking, and if they ever escape their jungle homes and enter the human bloodstream, there will be a new plague the likes of which we have never seen.

Wolfgang Petersen's "Outbreak" is a clever, daunting thriller about such a possibility. It follows the career of a microscopic bug that kills humans within 24 hours of exposure by liquefying the internal organs.

The movie ends with a vaccine being located and the lives of thousands, potentially millions being saved. The movie was fictional, one can only hope that the outcome in the real-life Coronavirus situation has the same outcome as the movie. Although with the lack of knowledge the authorities seem to have about this virus and until they find a cure or vaccine, that is currently looking less likely.

President Xi Jinping said China is facing a grave situation of the rapid spreading epidemic of the deadly new coronavirus calling the situation serious.

The Chinese city of Wuhan has already began building a hospital that will basically be a quarantine hospital. The new hospital will have 1,300 new beds. There is confirmation that diggers are already at the site working 24 hours to complete construction of the hospital in six days.

The following places outside mainland China have confirmed cases

7pm QLD time - 26/1/2020

· Hong Kong: 5 cases

· Macao: 5 cases

· Thailand: 5 cases

· Australia: 4 cases

· Malaysia: 4 cases

· Singapore: 4 cases

· France: 3 cases

· Japan: 3 cases

· South Korea: 3 cases

· Taiwan: 3 cases

· United States: 2 cases

· Vietnam: 2 cases

· Nepal: 1 case

In China the situation is dire, it’s like nothing ever seen before with horror movie like scenes unfolding with the mainstream media reporting very little of what is actually really going on in China.

Medical supplies are running out, shop selves are empty, cars aren’t allowed to be driven on the roads, the roads are barricaded with reports that roads into Wuhan are being sabotaged camouflaged and hidden.

One thing is for sure, While the authorities have no way of knowing how this disease spreads, while there is no cure, the possibility of containment will remain non-existent.



1. Approximately 90,000-100,000 are infected.

2. Body scanners surveilling for increased body temperature are a failure.

3. Emergency Departments are in Lockdown with nurses and doctors infected

4. Possible leak from Institute of Virology

5. More contagious than the SARS virus

6. China running out of food and medical supplies

7. Patients being turned away from hospitals and are then not included in on official data showing the severity. SEE THE TWEETS BELOW

8. The Internet could possibly be switched off with China to prevent further leakage from staff, doctors and general public. SEE THE TWEETS BELOW

9. Medical staff, that are already exhausted are being threatened with suspension or the rescinding of their medical license if they don't continue to treat patients. SEE THE TWEETS BELOW

10. Second hand, used face masks are being resold, creating a black market for face masks. SEE THE TWEETS BELOW

11. Transport, roads and use of personal vehicles is banned. Roadblocks being erected at a rapid rate.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is a specialized agency of the United Nations that is supposed to be concerned with international public health. To date, the WHO have not recommended any unnecessary restrictions to international travel amid the outbreak in their latest update online.

"WHO advises that measures to limit the risk of exportation or importation of the disease should be implemented, WITHOUT unnecessary restrictions on international traffic"

To the casual observer this reads as though the WHO holds more concern for exported and imported freight than it does for its global citizens, yet another reason for Australia to LEAVE THE United Nations. Click here to sign the petition to leave the United Nations ONCE AND FOR ALL!


Some of the information coming in that provides a glimpse into the reality of what is actually transpiring at the epicentre of the Outbreak.

The Chinese Authorities have started closing down access into certain provinces of China with Check-Points and road-blocks being established.

Sources suggest that large numbers of doctors and nurses have contracted the Coronavirus, and have been warned by authorities that if they leave their duties their license to practice will be suspended.


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