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JUNE 26 2019

Gone are the days you clock on for your shift, work and then clock off, all for a negotiated pay-packet. For that shift, the employer had a right to demand your time, because they were paying for it. Once you clocked out, you took your work hat off and put on your 'i'm an every day Aussie hat' and all thoughts of work went out the window until your next shift.

Now we live in a time where corporations are demanding more and more of their employees’ lives, both on and off the clock. Codes of Conducts are now put in place that state, “you must not bring the organization you work for into disrepute”. The code is broad and the term ‘disrepute’ subjective and is enforced over a 24/7 timeframe.

Should you not comply, you can expect to be held to account for what you say outside the office regardless of whether what you say has anything to do with your employment or not. So too, you can be held to account for your political opinions with dire permanent life-long consequences.

For your religious views, you can expect to be publicly vilified, defamed beyond measure, have your spouses, and possibly kids threatened with the same kind of public attack because they dared to support their family member.

This current saga started with Rugby Australia, canceling the $4m contract of Israel Folau, for the offence of posting an image to his social media account, a Bible verse the claimed homosexuals would go to hell unless they repented. Under pressure from its corporate sponsor, Qantas, Rugby Australia terminated Folau, only advising Folau AFTER it had discussed with Qantas what course of action they were going to take.

Then there was Qantas, who put pressure on Rugby Australia to terminate Israel Folau's contract or else they would pull their sponsorship deal.

Mr Joyce has been criticised for using his company to promote change but he argued corporations should be vocal on social issues.

"We are vocal on gender equality issues, Indigenous issues and on LGBTI issues. That's what good businesses do. They're part of society. They help promote societal changes. They help promote what's good for our people." Promote, Mr Joyce, not dictate them. Coincidence that the particular issues that must be promoted just happen to be your own personal issues?

If you work for Qantas and the believe in the same ideals as Folau, would you ever be comfortable stating your views publicly, knowing the position of the CEO and his penchant for pulling corporate sponsorship, or would you automatically fear that voicing your beliefs will cost you your job?

Qantas' digs itself deeper with its relationship with Emirates airlines, an airline who's country of origin publicly excuses homosexuals. Interestingly, it's Mr Joyce who has remained silent about this hypocritical business arrangement.

“If you’re unhappy with a company that’s involved with the (same-sex marriage) campaign you won’t be able to bank and you won’t be able to fly anywhere.” These are the words of Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce, quoted in The Sydney Morning Herald on April 15. That one statement alone speaks volumes to the outcome one can expect for daring to hold a differing view and broadcasting it.

GoFundMe’s hypocrisy has been blatant. Whilst removing the account of Israel Folau, they have kept up the pages opposing Folau, allowing them to personally vilify Foloau. They have not restricted Muslims having pages on their platform, even though Muslims believe that homosexuals should be executed. GoFundMe also waited five days after the account was put up before pulling it as a litmus test to see how the public would respond to it. They were torn. Take it down and risk losing 2.9% of $760,000, a figure that was still climbing, or keep it up and risk the vitriol of the left. They appeased the left and removed the page.

Corporate companies that have either involved themselves in the Folau saga with their virtue signalling.

Then there’s the ANZ Bank and HCF, who saw fit to take issue with Netball Australia, because one of their key players, Maria Folau, who happens to be the wife of Israel Folau, shared one of his Instagram posts.

The left are a weird and hypocritical bunch. They spend the majority of their time telling anyone that will listen just how dreadful the big end of town are. How greedy they were. How they only exist to help the wealthy get wealthier. They are big financial bullies and a general menace to society, and don’t dare mention to a leftie the salaries the Bank CEO’s earn, they’ll gasp in horror at the corporate greed, completely ignoring that it’s just about as much as what Israel Folau earned.

Fast forward to a time when the latest hysterical issue arises and now the left join in a well-rehearsed chorus, singing the praises of the very same bank that will publicly vilify any one that offends the lefts social ‘code of conduct’.

The audacity of the banks believing themselves to have any moral high-ground or any ethical value, when only last year they were all dragged kicking and screaming before a Royal Commission to answer questions about their own unethical, dishonest behavior. These are the same entities the left now want to hold up as the epitome of a social moral compass?

It doesn’t just end with a public shaming.

Employers/Recruiters are conducting social media checks before employment to make sure you sit on the same political side of the fence as the board of a bank, or at best haven’t said anything too controversial.

In more recent times, Banks have taken more hard-core measures. Closing down accounts for your political views, or belonging to the wrong political party, seems to be the banks latest plan of attack with Westapc advising Mr Cottrell that they would be closing his account within the month.

Banking is an ‘essential service’. Yes, there are others he can take his business too, but they may also take the same stand, leaving him in the same position? You're banking longevity holds a certain amount of power. It shows you're banking history, your history acts a receipt for payments you have made over a period of time. Rent a house, you need to show your finances, want to get a loan, you need show your prior banking history. Bank statements are used as proof of income. What if you take a mortgage out with the Westpac and they then find out your political views or religious views? To what end, with their enormous financial clout can they personally attempt to shut you down and/or bully you in to a completely isolated corner?!

This is the very slippery slope we are on, and without some drastic intervention or legal precedent being set, this is only going to continue, but to a deeper degree, until we are all forced into silent submission by the big end of town corporate bullies in their vain attempt to virtue signal.

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