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James Michael Waugh, 28, a former journalist for the Queanbeyan Age pleaded guilty to threatening to kill and behead members of two Canberra churches.

According to the Canberra Star Waugh told police that he believed the church was a cult and it would be “unlawful” but “morally right” to enact violence on the group.

Waugh was arrested April 2019 allegedly making threats, which included a Facebook post stating he was “going to kill” members of a Canberra church group. He was charged with threatening to act with intent to cause public alarm, using a carriage service to menace others and possessing a weapon to be used to kill.

Photo: A post allegedly from James Waugh on the Facebook page of a local Canberra church group. Facebook

The threats allegedly included a Facebook post on the Canberra House of Prayer page, which read,

"I'm going to kill every single one of you dog polytheist c***s as a reprisal for Christchurch."

Waugh sent messages through Facebook messenger in a group chat that said,

"I have issued threats, along with my name and address, to every coward dog church in Canberra," he allegedly wrote.

"If you know someone with balls send them along. I've bought a scimitar [Middle-Eastern curved sword] and intend to cut their heads off in my front yard as a reprisal."

Police at the time had raided Waugh’s house after a tipoff to the National Security Hotline.

The court has previously heard that a mental health assessment found Mr Waugh had no mental illness to explain his behaviour, with a prosecutor saying he had displayed "extreme religious beliefs".

Waugh had told police the threats on social media were aimed at Trinitarians, and that he had issued the threats to any local Christian church he was able to locate.

The ACT Magistrate Court revealed that Waugh had demanded the pastor of Crossroads Christian Church give him his address.

Waugh then sent a message to the pastor saying,

“I want your address … I’m going to cut you down like the dog you are, pray to God about that.”

“Get your gang together and come here and see what happens … I will fight your men on my property unarmed in broad daylight. Send the best you’ve got.”

Waugh then said in a group chat, “The only good Trinitarian is a dead one”.

“I have issued threats … to every coward dog church in Canberra … I’ve bought a scimitar to cut their heads off in my front yard as a reprisal.”

Mr Waugh also allegedly told police he had purchased the one-metre-long scimitar in Pakistan.

Waugh later told police he had no mental health issues and said he had purchased a scimitar to defend himself.

He said he would only behead people in self-defence and that he was happy to go to prison over the threats because his victims “have no right to exist on the face of the earth”.

Waugh has served 146 days in jail on remand and is due to return to court in May.

A story released today by journalist CRAIG DUNLOP, from the Canberra Star should be questioned after he wrote the following paragraph:

A former journalist turned “white nationalist Muslim” who told a group of Canberra Christians he would kill them as revenge for the Christchurch tragedy faces a potential stint behind bars.

"WHAT THE HELL IS A WHITE NATIONALIST MUSLIM? Seriously journalists - you have got to educate yourselves if you want to be at all credible.

Love Australia or Leave Party has contacted Craig asking for an explanation. It will be interesting to see what he has to say, if anything.

#HackJournalists #WTFIsAWhiteNationalistMuslim #RadicalJourno #FairFax

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