GetUp and GET LOST!



FEBRUARY 29, 2020

GetUp, going by its own website, would have you believe it is an independent, not-for-profit organisation out for a fairer, more flourishing and just Australia.

The reality contradicts those beliefs.

GetUp! is supposedly independent. It claims it is “an independent grass-roots community advocacy organisation.” That’s a boldface lie and one doesn’t have to dig too deep to find the roots to its left-wing political affiliations.

GetUp’s founders David Madden and Jeremey Heimans are heavily involved in a number of similar  US and global left-wing activist groups, each of which is tied to the shadowy billionaire, George Soros.

Madden and Heimans can hardly claim that GetUp is non-partisan when its original board members included Australian Workers Union secretary Bill Shorten, Australian Fabian Society secretary Evan Thornley, green activist Cate Faehrmann and left-wing trade union researcher and “community organiser” Amanda Tattersall.