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JUNE 21, 2019

Rugby Australia tore up Israel Folau’s employment contract worth $5 million after being found guilty of a code of conduct after he posted quotes from the bible on social media last month.

Folau has now started a GoFundMe page asking the public to help raise money for the fight against Rugby Australia (RA).

Folau has since had overwhelming support from the Australian public including family, friends and his fans since his football contract was terminated.

Israel is hoping to raise $3 million for his legal fight against Rugby Australia.

On Thursday night Folau took to social media uploading a video on YouTube saying he and his wife have already spent close to $100,000 in legal fees asking his supporters for financial assistance to continue his fight against Rugby Australia.

Folau said on YouTube,

“Rugby Australia has an army of lawyers at their disposal and they have already said that they will divert significant resources to fight me in court”.

“The cost to me and my family of continuing my legal action against Rugby Australia is expected to be significant”.

“Since my contract was terminated, I have been overwhelmed and humbled by the support received from family friends, fans and the public. Even people who don’t share my beliefs have defended my right to uphold and express them”.

Proceedings have been launched by Folau with the Fair Work Commission. If a deal is not struck with RA, Folau will take his fight through to the High Court.

It is a sad day in Australia when we have to fight for our freedoms, we shouldn’t be having to fight for them twice.

Australian has become nothing but a place for political virtue signalling.

It is the left playing field where they can dictate where the goal post should be, moving it when it suits them.

TO DONATE: Israel Folau GoFundMe https://au.gofundme.com/Israel-folau-legal-action-fund?fbclid=IwAR2YbI8JgCPojBCzB_o3JFDRNyfo3zyjYXTYtmr9FKX3oNagbrefpgCmdOA

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