The Human Rights Law Centre (HRLC) has filed a complaint to the UN’s Independent Expert on Poverty and is now crying about the way in which Centrelink deals with overpayments due to recipients giving incorrect and or false reports picked up with data matching by the controversial robo-debt program.

From Social Security to Centrelink to Department of Human Services, now added to the list of service deliveries is ‘Service Australia’. Service Australia will be a one-stop shop for government services.

Service Australia was announced by Scott Morrison May 2019. The new initiative Service Australia will be cared for by the Department of Human Services, aimed at ‘lifting and improving service delivery for all Australians’.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said,

"Making better use of technology and better integrating service delivery across different portfolios."

Included is a computer program that gathers data from government agencies known as the robo-debt system. It is a check on welfare recipients to see if there are any discrepancies in what people report to Centrelink.

Before the use of the robo-debt system a total of 20,000 notices regarding payment discrepancies were sent out each year. The Human Rights Law Centre says, today there are some 20,000 sent out each week.

It is a good move on behalf of the Australian government to scrutinise welfare recipients’ payments, after all it is the taxpayers that foot the bill. Any measure that can expose fraudulent reporting and stop claims you would think was a good thing – right? Well you are wrong.

Because once again in the eyes of the HRLC apparently, we are doing a disservice penalising those who do the wrong thing.

HRLC says the human rights impact of technological developments must be prioritised ahead of efficiency and cost gains.

So, it doesn’t matter if you rip off the government because the Human Rights Law Centre has your back.

It won’t matter one iota if our country along with government service agencies go broke.

Until that is of course, that there is no money left at all to distribute fairly to those who are in genuine need who really do need a hand. How dare we question welfare recipients, one would have thought that it is entirely reasonable that we ask people to show cause in explaining differences in data.

When there is money available there will always be those that will exploit the system for the sake of greed.

We only have to look into the latest ‘Child Care Centre’ rorts, whereby fraudulent claims were made stealing millions of dollars as no one government agency thought to check or visit the centres to see if in fact they even existed at all.

Then we have the failed NDIS that was never financed properly to begin with leaving thousands of people including children with disabilities being unable to access much need services.

When it comes to Centrelink if we don’t keep on top of the welfare cheats, the entire system will collapse. Then what?

A UN bailout?

I don’t think so!

The HRC and the UN need to keep their noses out of Australia’s business. While the Australian public does not always agree with the government of the day, one thing is certain, is that everyone will agree that those who are doing the wrong thing should be held accountable.

It’s time to stop Human Right Lawyers and the UN interference.

The only way we can do this is to leave the UN in its entirety.

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