Updated: Jun 24, 2019


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JUNE 23, 2019

What does Israel Folau and Sarah Hanson Young have in common?

Nothing, you scream. They couldn’t be more polar opposites.

And you’d be right, except for one thing.

As of Friday, the one, and probably only thing, they have in common is they have both set up GoFundMe accounts in order to pay for legal fees.

Israel Folau has set his up to fight impending legal action after Rugby Australia sacked him for a post he made on Instagram.

Sarah Hanson’s fund was set up to pay for a legal defence based on her belief that inappropriate comments were made in the Senate by another Senator that she believed were sexist.

Sarah Hanson-Young's legal fund on GoFundMe set up for a legal defence on political grounds

The media, print, radio and TV have spent copious amounts of airtime and column inches this weekend attacking the extreme wealth of Israel Folau, beseeching the public not to donate to his campaign as he should be able to fund this himself.

As of late Sunday night, the vicious attack dogs have turned their vitriol to his wife Maria, who dared to share Folau’s ‘support’ post, in support of her husband. Her sin? Supporting her husband.

Journalists have spent weekends at the Folau’s community church, waiting with baited breath for him to speak of his beliefs that come from the Bible that admonishes homosexuality, with the sole purpose of reporting on it to the public to further fan the flames of division and invoke more hatred towards Israel Folau.

Here’s where the hypocrisy, double standards if you will, kicks in.