Two wannabe Jihadi's recently converted in the NSW prison system, have been classified as low-level interest to Counter-Terrorism police.

The pair had recently relocated to Victoria.

Given their low-level interest, the two still managed to ram a police car, then proceeded to get out of the car armed with weapons, whereby one was shot, police then negotiated with the second male on scene, using capsicum spray and taser, with no effect.

Questions need to be answered.

How are armed men deemed low-level interest?

How many others are being radicalised behind bars?

To what extent are bikie gangs affiliated with terrorism?

Since when do police negotiate with terrorists? Did we learn nothing from the Lindt Cafe Seige?

Policing today is very different from yesteryear. Today we have insurgents and home-grown jihadi wannabe's who convert and are quick to take illegal action.

The other point to note, its that the weapons of choice weren't guns, they were an axe and a knife. Items that can be picked up at your local Bunnings, your kitchen or backyard tin-shed.

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