K-Marts photo printing kiosks have censored particular words affiliated with Christianity, while Islamic words were deemed acceptable.

K-Mart has blamed this on a "software error", but this excuse loses credibility, when in addition to Christian/Jewish words being deemed as profane, the typical four letter profane words such as C***, F***, S***, P***, were also banned (which would have been censored for obvious reasons).

The censored words include Church, Jesus, Bible, God, Jewish, Christian, Catholic and Hell. Words that were permitted though were Ramadan, Koran, Quran, Mosque and Mohammed, all of which stem from the Islamic faith. Coincidence?

Since when do "software errors" cherry pick words to omit, and what are the odds that all of the banned words belong to one particular faith? Judeo/Christian seems to be a very dirty word these days.

Corporate entities are in a mad rush to keep up with an ever changing politically correct world, screaming how inclusive they are. In fact, K-Mart's response to the 'software error' was to claim: "we support diversity and inclusiveness irrespective of race, religion, age, gender ethnicity, ability, appearance or attitude and we want our teams and stores to reflect the communities in which we operate."

The retail chain is on the record as stating the "K" in K-Mart doesn't stand for anything. Maybe it's just a coincidence that given they have behaved much like the Klan and that the Klan begins with a K. Oh my mistake. That spelling must have been a software error.

Let's call a spade a spade. It was not a software error. It was a human error utilising software to perpetuate their intolerance and/or dislike of Christianity/Judaism. And I'd go so far as to state it wasn't an error. It was deliberate.

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