A free program run by a not for profit organisation Uniting, supplies 120 hours of driving lessons in the name of helping migrants settle sooner in regional areas, mainly women.

In early 2019, the Australian government also released a $19.4 million plan in the hope of pushing migrants to move to regional areas in Australia to solve the immigration take over in cities.

The plan also allows so called skilled migrants to fast track their visa applications if they choose to spread out into regional areas in Australia.

The 120 Countdown program has been rolled out in Dubbo, Nambucca Valley, Penrith and Wyong in NSW.

A $19.4 million plan was also an added initiative by the Government when state and territory treasurers met in Canberra earlier in the year, while discussing population growth and congestion issues.

Under agreements made, there will now be priority processing for visas sponsored by employers throughout regional Australia. In addition, agreements will be allowed to be made whereby local councils will now be able to recruit workers from overseas.

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg said,

“This is creating pressures on infrastructure, not only to our capital cities, in particular Sydney, Melbourne and southeast Queensland, “Mr Frydenberg said.

“We need to send people where the jobs are and we need to cooperate across state and territories”.

Josh Frydenberg did however state Australia hadn’t planned well for the future, as the population reached 25 million people earlier than expected.

However, Josh failed to mention just how many years Australia is ahead in population rates – a massive 33 years.

Josh Frydenberg also forgets or hasn't a clue at all that there are no jobs in regional Australia.

So here we have our government and political leaders paying and offering up incentives at the cost of the taxpayers, to push and distribute incoming migrants throughout Australia into already struggling regional Australia.

If it is not bad enough that immigration has ruined and destroyed parts of Sydney and Melbourne, why the hell would we want to see the rest of Australia ruined?

Wouldn’t the $19.4 million be better spent on mental health to combat soaring suicide rates in regional Australia, our struggling farmers, building more dams to secure our water security and creating long-term job creation?

Pushing immigrants into regional Australia will be a disaster, it would be better to ‘halt’ all immigration until such time our country can catch up with infrastructure, services such as health, housing the homeless, housing affordability, mental health and until we have a surplus in jobs.

Because it may just take 33 years to clean up the mess!

UPDATE: See if you and your family are eligible to get free driving lessons, this should be open to everyone.


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