JULY 3 2019

32-year-old Arken Abdul Rahim Sharrouf the brother of slain Australian jihadist Khaled Sharrouf has been arrested for brutally bashing his partner.

On Tuesday night at 10pm 27-year-old female, partner of Sharrouf ran into Riverwood police station with her child. She had a shaved head and severe facial injuries.

Paramedics were called to the station where they transported the women.

It is alleged that the women had been violently beaten and strangled with injuries to face, including broken ribs, fractured vertebrae, fractured eye socket and her head had been shaved with the violent attack taking place over a 48-hour period.

Arken Sharrouf is behind bars charged with three counts of assault and choking.

Arken Sharrouf at Sutherland Local Court in 2017. Picture: John Feder/The Australian

According to the Daily Telegraph police documents stated,

“The accused has associations with terrorist organisations, and his brother is a known deceased terrorist.”

“The accused is a known supporter of terrorist organisations and the accused’s family has travelled to the Middle East to support terrorist organisations.

Police have said that the children were in the care of relatives.

The sheer brutality and violence that has taken place is a common occurrence in countries such as Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern nations.

While Australia has seen a surge in domestic violence attacks, it is one thing to condemn any violence against any men or women or children however, brutal attacks such as this one is permissible in the Islamic faith.

There are serious concerns that have been discussed in Australia in the past that some in the muslim community hide behind the fact still with the belief that the Koran supports husbands abusing their partners. Worse still is the Imams that tell the muslim women that they must remain in a relationship even if they are being abused. This leaves the muslim women in Australia isolated, fearful and with no one to turn to.

Crimes such as these where an individual has committed an act of violence and hold dual citizenship or hold any type of VISA should be deported immediately along with their family.

Domestic violence, regardless of who is involved is unacceptable and should never be tolerated. The abomination of this type of event is only superseded when religion is used to justify it.

#TheTrueFaceOfIslam #IslamicViolence #BanIslam #SayNoToSharia #HonourThyWife #IslamInAustralia

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