JUNE 18, 2019

As predicted, just days after a gunman open fired on Christchurch mosque’s, Jacinda Ardern called for the banning of all military style weapons.

The government is now going after and banning all weapons used by the alleged gunman in the Christchurch attack.

Semi-automatics and assault rifles including any parts used to convert weapons into military style semi-automatic weapons will also be made illegal.

There will be new penalties including a maximum ten years behind bars will also be introduced.

Some New Zealand residents began volunteering, handing back their guns just days after the Christchurch attacks.

The NZ government is unable to give an exact or estimate amount on how much the ‘gun buyback’ will cost, blaming the lack of information that they have on just how many guns exist in New Zealand.

Military style semi-automatics can cost between $200 to $10,000 per weapon. Police figures show there are at least 15,000 registered in New Zealand. Police say that other firearms in NZ can be modified to reach the same fire power.

The NZ lobbyist group believes that the government figures of NZ$208 million will blow out to a cost of more than double – well over NZ$500 million.

The council of Licenced Firearms in NZ represent around 30,000 people and says compensation should also be widened.

Police are calling on NZ residents to register online with police. The online form asks if you have a firearms licence or there’s an amnesty if you don’t. Pest controllers will be exempt.

Next week the Arden government will consider further changes including a potential gun register.

The NZ government aim to have these changes passed into law within three weeks.

However, firearm owners have stated that three weeks doesn’t give them much time to have their say and now call for a one-month extension so they can take their views to parliament.

The police plan on releasing a list of guns with the list to also include gun parts. Parts such as custom triggers, silencers, open sights including magazines. The list will give a rough estimate of how much one can expect to be paid depending on the condition of the gun or parts. The scheme will not include compensation for those without a firearms licence.

Police are expected to go out into the communities to collect the guns rather than having people queue outside police stations with their weapons. This will start mid-July.

A total of 672 firearms have been already handed into police so far. A total of 4815 have declared their intentions to surrender their firearms via the police online forms.

The budget 2019 had set aside NZ$150m to buy the guns back with an additional NZ$18m for setting the scheme up to collect the weapons. However, as stated these figures are surely expected to blow out the NZ budget by more than double.

Australia currently has the highest terror alert that we have seen in years. When mass shootings and events unfold like the NZ Christchurch attacks the very first thing we see, is the leaders of these countries push for tighter gun control often the very next day.

The new laws are often over politicised and rammed through as a quick response to quieten the public making laws that impact responsible gun owners adding even further restrictions.

The New Zealand government may just push hundreds if not thousands of now illegal guns out into the black market.

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