JUNE 24, 2019

Prime Minister Scott Morrison defends his reason why Australia should bring back to Australia, children born to Jihadi terrorists. An apparent secret rescue mission, of course no longer secret. Nor is Scott Morrison’s true revelations when it comes to his support in the mission to bring the jihadi children home.

Scott Morrison along with welcoming refugee groups are waiting with open arms to welcome the children of Australian ISIS terrorist Khaled Sharrouf who are now on their way headed to Melbourne from a refugee camp in Syria.

PM Scott Morrision confirmed reports today that eight Australian children including family of terrorist Khaled Sharrouf, had been so called rescued from a refugee camp in northern Syria in the last few days.

Scott Morrison said,

“The government had carefully considered each case and any potential security risk to the community”.

Scott Morrison urged the public to show ‘compassion’.

“They can’t be held responsible for the crimes of their parents, “Morrison said.

Morrison stated,

“I think Australians would agree that we need to show compassion in the cases of these children but at the same time, Australians would equally expect the government to exercise all the care that is needed to ensure the security issues are well addressed in the decisions that we have made”.

Let’s not forget the little darlings of Khaled Sharrouf who made front page news globally when Khaled posted a photo of his son Abdullah holding up a Syrian officials severed head. Abdullah is also now dead.

It isn’t just Sharrouf’s children who have been rounded up to be brought back to Australia, our foolish government has also collected the three children of the now dead Australian Islamic State fighter Yasin Rizvic and deceased wife Fauzia Khamal Bacha. The Australian authorities aren’t giving away where these three children will live. Two boys and a girl between the ages of 6 and 12.

It is not just Australia who is bringing back the next generation of Jihadi’s, the UK also has had a number of ISIS brides who left the UK in 2015 to join ISIS also now declaring they too want to go back home.

A British teenager Shamima Begum was only 15 when she left London with two of her classmates and travelled to Syria. Shamima, now 19 had given birth to a boy, was crying she too wanted to go home. She said that she was aware of ISIS beheading’s before she left to join ISIS, and was “OK” with it.

“Yeah I knew about these things and I was ok with it. I started becoming religious just before I left. From what I heard, Islamically that is all allowed so I was ok with it", she told Sky News.

Karen Nettleton was reunited with her grandchildren at a refugee camp in northern Syria earlier this year. Picture: ABC Four Corners

Many ISIS supporters including their children are unable to be deradicalized as they know no different, they don’t show any remorse or regret and certainly aren’t fazed by decapitated heads because it was their normal life.

Yet, Mr Morrison believes that it was not a decision the Australian government made lightly and said,

“Australia’s national security and the safety of our people and personnel have always been our most important considerations in this matter”. But is it?

No doubt the latest actions of the Morrison government will damage their reputation in future elections in the name of national security.

No longer can the Liberal government claim to be putting Australia’s national security first when they import a second generation of Jihadi children.

Currently there are still about 70 Australian women and children left in Syria, no doubt planning to come back home. They should not be allowed back to Australia under any circumstances. It will be interesting if PM Scott Morrison allows all of them back? Given he has allowed Sharrouf's Jihadi kids back, it will almost be a given that Morrison will allow them all back in the name of compassion and not national security.

There was a time when Morrison was in charge of Border Security when I used to say,

“Every town needs a Scott Morrison”.

However, today proved that National Security is no longer a priority for Morrison and their government when they decide to put Australia at risk by inviting a second wave of baby Jihadi’s in, risking Australia’s National Security that could potentially see terrorist attacks on our soil when the baby Jihadi’s grow up.

Mr Morrison you have made a very dangerous mistake, our compassion ‘must’ end at our borders.

I believe that we need to keep voting in governments that support policies that will protect our country from the threat of potentially aggressive persons detrimental to the future and safety of Australia.

This is about what legacy we will leave behind for our children, our grandchildren and future generations to come.

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