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JUNE 25, 2019

Why has Sydney been declared a climate emergency?

Because climate alarmist Mayor Clover Moore says so.

While the nine councillors voted in favor of the motion yesterday, Liberal councillor Christine Forster was excused from voting due to a conflict of interest.

However, of course councillor Dr Kerryn Phelps voted yes to the ‘climate emergency’ declaration.

One councillor Mr Chung pretty well summed up his thoughts on Clover Moore’s motion, or should we say - emotion, and criticised the way in which Clover Moore had weaponised her words when he said,

“While he supported action on climate change, he strongly objected to Ms Moore’s hysterical, catastrophising message. Language like climate emergency, climate catastrophe and extinction rebellion do nothing to further reasoned and rational debate.”

Councillor Craig Chung told The Australian,

“If we learned one thing from the May 18 (federal) election, polarised fear mongering is not what the community want. The electorate expects us to take action, debate clearly and rationally about solutions, stop weaponising language and to deliver measurable and tangible outcomes for all Australians.”

Fearmonger Mayor Moore said,

“The nation was experiencing such extreme weather 91 of the hottest places on earth were in Australia”.

Mayor Moore announced that she would set a more ambitious goal to reach net zero emissions by 2050, believing that by 2020 they will be powered by 100 percent renewable energy.

One would think that given the extreme cold weather in the city of Sydney right now, that Mayor Clover Moore would be and should be declaring a 'National Emergency on Homeless'. That's what I would call a priority!

There are currently more than 50 climate action groups in Australia – all wanting to declare a 'climate emergency' even though it is a fact that the science on climate change still hasn’t been settled.

Parents should be concerned of what is currently being taught in our schools with teachers brainwashing our children with children actually believing that the end of the world is near and that Armageddon is heading our way.

The rubbish that has been fed to the public that the world is experiencing an accelerated rate of dangerous warming is nothing more than a lie.

The science of global warming has not been settled, much of the science is corrupted. The so-called science is based on models and not on temperatures. Global warming is nothing more than a hoax.

The climate change hoax will go down in history as being one of the greatest lies ever introduced into Australia so that the people can be hit with yet another tax, the carbon tax, all coming from the global play book of what we know to be the UN, with their very own worldwide socialist destructive agenda.

It’s time to throw out the Paris Climate Agreement in the rubbish and reinforce that we will not sell out Australia with the United Nations.

When it comes to renewable energy and climate change in Australia what is interesting is the very fact that Australia produces less than 1.5% of global CO2 emissions. Even if our emissions were reduced to zero, it would make no detectable difference to the climate.

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