APRIL 14, 2020

The behaviour and the culture of detainees from the Villawood Detention centre is once again back in the limelight with this time attention seeking 'criminal' detainees, threatening to hang themselves if government authorities do not set them and their inmates free.

The three men having spent the past two days on the roof, in which they have videoed an interview claiming they are prepared to die rather than stay in detention and be sent back to countries they don’t know.


There are currently almost 1500 people being held in Australian detention centres across Australia with Villawood holding a total of 472 detainees.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald a spokesperson for Home Affairs said that the three detainees have had their visas cancelled on character grounds and after being sentenced to 12 months prison or more.

The spokesperson also stated that 80 percent of Australia’s immigration detention centre population are not refugees but were hard core criminals to why they will not be released back into the community.

The three hardened criminals between them have a string of offences that they have been charged with, ranging from trafficking cocaine, drugs, reckless grievous bodily hard, domestic violence, assault and including traffic offences.

If what they are demanding is to ‘feel at home’ then perhaps we should be sending them back to their country of origin with their families in tow.

This is nothing more than a politically motivated backmail attempt at the government who is already dealing with an overwhelming crisis trying to save the lives of Australians that live their lives within the law.

These are hardened criminal men begging us for compassion when their compassion for others was zero.

Where was their compassion when they were committing their crime spree? It was zero.

Where is there compassion for their fellow inmates? When the end result will end in lockdown for the selfish actions of these three men.

The fact that they are using their families as a draw card that just because their children are Australian citizens does not give them the right to a visa or to be let out into the community.

Their protest is just another example of failing their character.

Meanwhile Australian prisons are overflowing, and overcrowded with two to a cell, there is no room for social distancing, with media trying to link any signs of rioting in the Australian prisons to try and claim prisoners are worrying about COVID-19.

In fact, there has been no riots related to COVID-19 in the Australian prison system. Are the prison staff and the prisoners and their families worried? Yes, of course they are, but they aren't making veiled threats in the hope that the government will release them.

Riots are typically common in prison, it's just that we don't get to hear about them on the outside.

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