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July 8 2019

A man was arrested yesterday morning, after he climbed The Sydney Harbour Bridge, for the purpose of pushing his political agenda. The man identified himself as a member of the "Restart" movement, a group that, according to its website, wishes to "overthrow the regime of Islamic Republic of Iran" and "establish a government based on knowledge and merits" to bring peace to the Middle East.

He parked his car on the northern end of the bridge, blocking traffic, before beginning his climb, police said.

Police say it is not the first time the man has attempted to scale the bridge, but it was the first time he was successful.

Punishment for those includes $22,000k fine and/or imprisonment for up to 2 years.

The Sydney Harbour bridge, along with The Sydney Opera House are arguably two of the most iconic symbols of Australia.

We are, thanks to places like Iran, living in the age of terrorism, and it is only by the outstanding work of our police and authorities, that our security has been as good as it has.

Since 2014, we have had 16 potential terrorist plots thwarted. Only last week, there were police raids undertaken against men who were plotting against iconic westernised symbols, such as police stations and churches.

It's impossible not to be thankful to our protective agencies like ASIO, the police and military who's purpose is to keep us safe from terrorism.

But clearly not enough is being done to keep icons like the Harbour Bridge safe.

Only 2 months ago, Greenpeace activists suspended themselves from below the Harbour Bridge, unrolling banners related to Climate Change. In 2003, peace activists scaled the Opera House painting 'NO WAR' on it. Time again we are seeing our most iconic pieces of infrastructure, in other words, terrorist target 101, having their security breeched.

The Harbour Bridge, and the Opera House are targets for those that would wish to do us harm, and the fact the people with political motivation can scale them without permission and without being stopped highlights a mammoth gap in the security put in place.

After every terrorist attack that occurs, we hear from the politicians, "we are doing everything we possibly can to keep you safe".

Well, clearly not. As Australians citizens, we deserve and demand better!

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