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JUNE 2, 2020

The ABC published as did The Guardian their own opinion pieces on the death of George Floyd and ‘their’ opinion of the protests in the wake of the murder of George Floyd who was tragically and senselessly murdered by a US police officer. A murder that was preventable, a murder that was unjust and had outraged all those who witnessed the video seen by millions globally on social media.

The ABC didn’t just make reference to America, they made sure they dragged up the Indigenous deaths in custody and made comparisons, comparisons that has absolutely nothing to do with the unfolding protests and events going on in the US right now.

The ABC stated that they believed that because of the events occurring in America, many Indigenous communities were left wondering where is the outcry for my family?

The ABC then went on to question Australia’s empathy for our deaths in custody and put to the reader asking is the American influence so great that as a country we understand their race struggles better than our own.

It’s interesting that the ABC invests a lot of time and effort driving home to Australians the need to cut ties with America’s influences, like gun policies and the death penalty but when the very moment that those same influences pushes their divisive, politically driven agenda, then suddenly we should all be looking to America’s example on how to respond with race issues. With the ABC implying, that rioting is the acceptable way in which to deal with race issues in Australia.

The ABC story is divisive and riddled with out of context comparisons. The ABC highjacked the US story and joined in on race debate while ill-fitting their own narrative in very poor taste.

I will say to the ABC what the media usually tell us, and that is that this is Australia and not America!

In Australia we have processes in place to deal with any such issues, sometimes we get it right and other times we get it wrong. We learn from our mistakes and we put in place legislation and laws to change what is not working. Australians are on the whole are very well behaved and we don’t have the issues that America has. We are better than that as a nation. We look after our people and we set an example for our children. We have peaceful protests and we don’t need to destroy towns or people’s livelihoods to get our point across.

The real stories that should be published is that what happened in America is not a black and white issue, but the story should be about police brutality and the overuse of powers that we too see unfortunately here at home.

The ABC is clearly pushing for race riots when they go on to suggest that we should be looking to America’s protests on how to respond. But the level ABC wish us to ramp up is not acceptable by any standards and clearly show they want WAR on our soil.

The taxpayer ABC funded media organisation is using taxpayers’ dollars to push their own agenda. The taxpayer’s money is being used now to push division in Australia and it doesn’t get any more black and white than that.

The ABC along with other media outlets namely, The Guardian will always focus on the ‘black’ and ‘white’ and fuel the race debate, without acknowledging the real issues around race because they only see colour. While all we ever wanted as Australians is to be treated all the same, not because of one’s colour.

Therein lies the real issue when it comes to racism, the media continue to divide us creating a us and them – It just shows that the ABC finally has shown its true colours.

At the end of the day shouldn’t ALL LIVES MATTER, ……. shouldn’t it?

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