Ever wondered why some criminals seem to get far lenient sentences for the crimes they have committed?

Apparently, the sentence you receive and its level of leniency is now based on how many arsenals of weapons you have in your possession to use a trading power for a reduced sentence.

Its a well known fact that criminals stockpile weapons, but what's not been so transparent is the suggestion that criminals are deliberately stockpiling them for the purpose of obtaining lighter jail sentences, surrendering them post-arrest in secret deals conducted with authorities.

From the police's point of view, they are caught between a rock and a moral hard place. Their objective is to take guns off the streets. Gun seizures are paramount to the Police force. Nothing says 'productivity and community protection' like a recovered arsenal of weapons.

While some may see this as a win and it's hard not to, there are problems that come with the method of recouping weapons by negotiation. Criminals provide no information of where they originally obtained the weapons and with the exception of cursory ballistic testing, few additional questions are ever asked.

The biggest problem of all though lies with the fact that police have no way of knowing if the criminals have handed over the entire stash, or a just a proportion of greater arsenal.

What is the point of a gun register, when the criminals not only have guns but have enough of them to negotiate their prison terms with. It almost pays to have a cache of illegal firearms handy.

From the 1st July 2018 until 30th September 2018 there was yet another government Firearms Amnesty in which 25,000 firearms from 7277 individuals were surrendered. How many of the 7277 individuals were criminals awaiting sentencing?

In 2018, NSW Police Minister Troy Grant praised John Howard, who implemented the original Firearms Buyback scheme in 1996, saying.

"There's no doubt that in the last 20 years, statistically and worldwide, the regime put in place by Mr Howard at the time has changed the landscape regarding firearm crime".

Troy Grant was right. We have come a long way from the John Howard days of handing in our guns for cash. Now they are being handed in for reduced prison sentences. Who's really running our court system, the magistrates, judges or the criminals?!

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