June 24 2019

In an orchestrated and organised return, the children of Australian terrorist Khaled Sharrouf have been evacuated from Syria, with the ultimate destination being Australia.

“Repatriating these children was not a decision that the Australian Government made lightly”, the Prime Minister said.

“Australia’s national security and the safety of our personnel have always been our most important consideration in this matter”.

The operation was the end result of careful and strategic planning by the Australian Government.

Tara Nettleton, Karen Nettleton’s daughter, took the Sharrouf children to Syria in 2014 to join her husband Khaled while he participated actively with ISIS. Khaled had already been convicted of terror plots to bomb targets in both Sydney and Melbourne.

Khaled posted a picture of his eldest son holding a severed head of a Syrian official.

In the recent Federal Election, the coalition government, lead by Scott Morrison ran on a platform of protecting and looking after Australian citizens as his priority. Today he claimed that “children should not be punished for the crimes of their parents”.

Mr Morrison seems to be missing a fundamental point. These aren’t your everyday children. These are kids, who through their parents and their actions, have been witness to ungodly atrocities, including severed heads. They have been trained to use hardcore weapons.

Save the Children CEO Paul Ronalds claimed, “we know that the local community will rally around these woman and children and do everything possible to help them reintegrate into society”.