AUGUST 13, 2019

Townsville Hospital has confirmed that a Townsville resident has tested positive for tuberculosis (TB).

The Townsville resident diagnosed with the deadly disease is undergoing treatment at the Townsville Hospital.

Dr Steven Donohue, the Townsville Public Health Unit director said that people who may have had extended contact with the patient are being contacted and a testing program would begin.

Dr Steven Donohue said the risks to the broader community was low.

“Tuberculosis is very treatable and is uncommon in most communities in Australia these days,” he said.

Yet, Dr Donohue is not telling the public all the facts or talking about the dangers that present with Tuberculosis and he has definitely played the deadly disease down in the hope not to alarm the public.

TB is an airborne disease that spreads through droplets in the air when someone infected with the disease coughs, sneezes or even breathes the same air.

A person infected with TB can infect up to 10 to 15 people a year if they are not treated.

Tuberculosis is a leader in deaths when it comes to infectious diseases.

Tuberculosis is killing more people globally than Cholera and AIDS.

Tens of thousands of people in Indonesia contract the deadly disease each year.

There are 10 million cases of TB worldwide with 500 to 600 thousand people that are multi-drug resistant to TB and a total of 1.6 million people dying every year.

Only 6 million out of 10 million people who contract TB are detected and are treated however, that leaves 4 million people infected every year who are unaware they have the deadly disease.

Papua New Guinea have recorded up to 30,000 people who contract the disease every year with 3,000 people who are drug resistant and non treatable.

With Australia only 150 kilometres away from PNG and even closer to Indonesia, travel to and from these places presents a huge risk to Australia in particularly migration.

There is no doubt that migration from these countries will increase the risks to Australia with Tuberculosis becoming a major epidemic in our country if we don’t protect our borders and put in place tough quarantine methods that will prevent all and any risks of the deadly infectious diseases hitting our soil.

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