Updated: Aug 9, 2019


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JULY 6, 2019

The United Nations is coming to check on Australia’s prisons and detention centres. But it doesn’t stop there, they will be allowed ‘unfettered access’ to Australian prisons and detention centres and all other social care facilities.

The UN subcommittee on the prevention of torture made the announcement earlier this week saying that they intend to visit Australia in the coming months.

Two years ago, attorney general George Brandis said that the UN would focus on “Primary places of detention”, such as our prisons, police cells, immigration facilities and juvenile detention centres. However, the UN Chair of the committee, Sir Malcolm Evens, told The Guardian that ‘unfettered access’ includes access to not just Australian prisons, police stations and detention centres, but he said the UN inspectors will have unlimited access to all places of detention, to any person, place or thing, to people of all categories in detention.

UN inspectors will have authority to inspect prisons, youth detention centres, immigration centers, psychiatric hospitals – mental health wards and disability homes.

Australia foolishly ratified the torture prevention treaty in 2017 allowing committee members of the UN the power to inspect and report any so called abuse inside detention centres in Australia.

The goal for this up and coming visit is that it is hoped that Australia sets up their own mini UN like committee with similar powers to the UN inspectors to oversee torture and human rights abuses in Australia.

Usually when a country signs up to the treaty each country is then given 12 months to establish such a committee (to oversee care facilities mentioned above) however, Australia had exercised the right to delay forming such committee until 2021.

The UN inspectors once they have completed their visit to Australia will write a supposedly confidential report that will be given to the government which the UN suggests the report then be released to the Australian public.

No doubt since this particular treaty was ratified that the Human Rights activists including the Human Rights Law Centre and other HR activist groups have been busy finding every bit of dirt possible to be used as evidence against these facilities so that they can to dob in Australia to the UN prior to the UN inspectors visit to Australia so that they are armed with ammunition.