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December 4, 2019

With the Australian Summer season well underway and most states already declaring some areas, in multiple states, 'national disasters', it was only going to be a matter of time before the United Nations stuck its nose in to assess the current situation, or to be more accurate, express grave concern to the federal government over how much damage the bushfires were affecting universal value on areas protected under The World Heritage listing.

The UN keeping a watchful eye on Australian bushfires and the damage to World Heritage Listed properties.

Just last week that is exactly what happened. The UN UNESCO website was updated advising that "UNESCO has received many expressions of concern from the media and civil society over the possible impact of bushfires on the World Heritage property, "Gondwana Rainforests of Australia", inscribed on the World Heritage List in 1986. The World Heritage Centre is currently verifying the information with the Australian authorities, in particular regarding the potential impact of the fires on the Outstanding Universal Value of the property".

While the UN claims that the amount of Australia's bushland that has been destroyed by fire is a 'global tragedy', it should have absolutely nothing to do with the United Nations. It is time the UN was told to butt out!

This year, the UN has managed to have unfettered access to our prisons and care facilities. The UN now determines our flight paths. Even more concerning, in July this year, the united nations slapped a 2 year caveat on Warragamba Dam, supported by the World Heritage Committee, preventing Sydney Water from making any changes to our dam until the federal government submits an impact statement to the United Nations UNESCO World Heritage Committee, effectively placing the United Nations in control of our water supply. What's next....a caveat on our national parks preventing fire hazard reductions?!

The World Heritage Centre Website Update regarding the Australian Bushfires

With all the current outrage in Australia surrounding possible foreign political interference and espionage, in addition to politicians now having to be transparent of any ties to foreign committees etc, both political and personal, it still leaves as one of the biggest threats to Australia's national security and sovereignty, the United Nations. The United Nations continues to go both unchecked and unelected, remembering that the United Nations were never platformed in any Australian election and there has never been a referendum by the Australian people over our affiliation and adherence to the United Nations.

The biggest spy Australia will ever have to worry about IS the United Nations.

2019 Australian Summer, bushfires are already causing enormous amount of damage in both NSW and QLD.

At a time when our federal government needs to be focusing its full attention on the Australians that have lost their homes to the bushfires, to the farmers who are currently experiencing one of the worst droughts, the potential impact of the fires on the Outstanding Universal Value of the property should be the very last thing that our government addresses, if at all!

If our farmers and our dairy industry were placed on the United Nations World Heritage listing, then maybe, just maybe, the government would take action and actually do something to prevent the complete loss of these industries, because let's be honest, that's really who the Australian Government panders to, once again forgetting about the Australian people.

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