March 31st, 2020

The Chief Commissioner of Victoria last night signed a variation order that effectively bans the sale of ammunition and firearms to recreational and sporting shooters and will take immediate effect as of 8am today.

The new restrictions will impact on licenced firearm dealers and is expected to remain in force until the end of COVID-19.

A temporary ban on additional access to firearms and ammunition for sporting and recreational firearm users after Victoria police claim they have seen a run on ammunition and permits being sought to acquire firearms.

Victoria police said,

"This decision will create an impact, but it is also about keeping our community safe.”

Victoria police have said that they have seen a doubling of attempts to access firearms Category A & B and ammunition in the past week and claim this has been occurring nationally across Australia.

Victorian police believe that there is no need for the public to stockpile and said they were nipping it in the bud right now.

In the last week in Victoria police say they have seen an increase of about 2,200 permits come through to acquire firearms which has more than doubled, as the previous week only saw 1,000 permits sought.

Victoria police claim that the run on guns, permits and stockpiling was the reason for public safety determination being made by the Chief Commissioner and the variation order being issued.

The Victoria police said,

“This is a stressful time for people, and we know that there are pressures around family violence and around work and people spending a lot of time together”.

The Victorian police are concerned that they don’t want additional firearms available in the community that criminals can access. Yet we all know that the criminals are the ones who have guns.

The new restrictions will apply to sport and recreational users of firearms however, will not impact on primary producers or those who need it like security guards and prison guards.

The Queensland State health department this week has classed licensed armours and dealers as “non-essential services”,which could see licensed dealers and gun shops forced to close or face hefty fines of more than $13,000.

Similar restrictions have been put in place in WA, with gun shops to close to the public however, with some exceptions that will allow primary producers, professional pest shooters and Indigenous people with native title rights to hunt to access products and services.

The Shooting Industry Federation of Australia along with licensed gun owners are furious and only found out via the media, of course there was no consultation at all.

When it comes to restrictions on guns, permits and ammunition, it’s not fair that responsible licenced gun owners are having to wear the brunt, given that most of the crimes committed using gun violence are purchased on the black market and often the perpetrator does not even process a gun licence.

After all, why should the law-abiding firearm owners be punished once again!

Final point: Imagine those who are currently running the black market of arms and other weapons right now, I bet they are rubbing their hands with glee! They are now officially back in business! The very thing we did not want to see!

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Increased protections for lawful firearm owners

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