JULY 2 2019

The Andrews government want to collect location data from your mobile phone to see where people are travelling to and from, for what purpose including what time, as part of a plan to monitor your movements throughout Victoria under the guise to better understand and improve Victoria’s transport system.

One could understand if it was just tracking known undesirables living in our communities such as sex offenders or those on a terrorist watch list or prisoners released with GPS tracking devices.

Premier Daniel Andrew’s proposed surveillance is yet another form of capitalism. It’s about control, complete social control.

With the use of technology such as social media and mobile phones making it a lucrative market for companies to now observe almost everything, we do such as corporate surveillance, there’s no guarantee where your information will end up.

Andrew’s proposal could be the start of creating social credit scores of individuals just like China. Under that system people who park in the wrong place, place unhealthy groceries in their shopping baskets, fail to pay a bill on time or play loud music can be banned or barred from using public transport or booking flights with that individual virtually being place under house arrest.

When the government starts to regulate the behavior of individuals and tracking their every move and daily life, citizens are far from free.

It's bad enough when Google has this data but the concerns are even greater with the government being in control of it. They will start by linking it radars and red-light cameras. Then they'll determine if you attended an approved political event; whether you were in possession of single use plastic bags and probably listening in to your phone conversations to determine if you have any thoughts that are not aligned with the governments or, heaven forbid, you were quoting from the Bible.

Can the Andrews’s government really be trusted?

“Not likely”.

Victoria portrays to be a diverse and vibrant society yet, such surveillance dangerously threatens individual rights, including privacy and freedom of expression and association inhibiting the free thinking and free functioning of a vibrant society in which Victoria claims to be.

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