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JULY 17, 2019

The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) believes that ‘Climate Change’ will result in the displacement of 16.1 million peopleand has estimated that by 2050, between 150 to 200 million people will be at risk of rising sea levels, desertification and extreme weather events.

The UN continue to push refugees into already overpopulated countries increasing pressure on health systems, transport, food and water supplies and countries such as Australia, which is now already 33 years ahead in population rates, making immigration less sustainable than ever.

The UN just for some added controversy now claim that girls are more likely to suffer more than boys from the effects of climate change with the UN claiming they have evidence of increases in sexual and gender-based violence against women and girls during and after disasters.

Just to top off the climate change scaremongering from the UN, the Australia Defence Force (ADF) have jumped on board and are now claiming that we need to increase patrols in Australian waters to deal with ‘sea-borne migration’ caused by the rising sea levels in the Indo Pacific.

The ABC reported that Former Defence Force chief Chris Barrie said that Australia would be seen as the ‘land of opportunity’ for many people affected by climate change.

Admiral Barrie who happens to now be a member of the Global Military Advisory on Climate Change (Surprise! Surprise!) said,

“I once suggested to government we might be taking 100 million people when we’re only 40 million people – you can get the enormity of this problem. Frankly, it would be beyond our resources”.

Former Defence Force chief Chris Barrie now a member of the Global Military Advisory on climate change

Even Defence Force chief Angus Campbell is singing out of the same hymn book and now warning Australia that China could take advantageof the rising sea levels to occupy any abandoned Pacific islands.

Foreign Minister Marise Payne also says Australia is focused on tackling climate change and we signed the Boe Declaration at the recent Pacific Islands Forums. A declaration that recognizes climate change as the greatest risk to life and security in the Pacific.

The ADF has already made its mind up that Climate Change is real and is a real identified threat and challenge to the future of Australia’s security.

Funnily enough the Refugee Convention has no legal covenants in place for those they say will become refugees due to climate. But give it time and no doubt Australia will be stupid enough to sign another UN document that will force Australia to take in yet another lot of fake refugees this time in the name of climate refugees.

It’s not climate change that will destroy Australia, it will be mass immigration that will be an environmental disaster for Australia.

We must do everything possible to protect our borders and stop this nonsense now if we are to leave a legacy for our children and their children and keep Australia safe. Otherwise we will burden our children, bankrupt our country and destroy the country so many fought for and lost their lives.

The UN can go to hell……..it’s time for us to ‘exit the UN’

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