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DATE: JANUARY 31, 2020


The World Health Organisation WHO has listed on their website four statements of action that the WHO implements at times of an international emergency:

1. prepare for emergencies by identifying, mitigating and managing risks

2. prevent emergencies and support development of tools necessary during outbreaks

3. detect and respond to acute health emergencies

4. support delivery of essential health services in fragile settings.

The WHO declares a Public Health Emergency of International Concern when there is "an extraordinary event which is determined… to constitute a public health risk to other states through the international spread of disease".

In the past the WHO has previously declared five global public health emergencies as follows:

Swine flu, 2009 -The H1N1 virus spread across the world in 2009, killing more than 200,000 people

Polio, 2014 - Although closer than ever to eradication in 2012, polio numbers rose in 2013

Zika, 2016 - The WHO declared Zika a public health emergency in 2016 after the disease spread rapidly through the Americas

Ebola, 2014 and 2019 - The first emergency over the virus lasted from August 2014 to March 2016 as almost 30,000 people were infected and more than 11,000 died in West Africa. A second emergency was declared last year as an outbreak spread in DR Congo.

The Coronavirus outbreak began officially on the 31st of December, however there are reports stemming back as early as the beginning of December 2019 of the existence of the virus.

Officially, China reported the cluster of patients suffering from pneumonia as early as January 1.

On the 7th January 2020, the virus was identified as 2019-nCoV (Conaravirus).

When the first outbreak of the Coronavirus occurred the City of Wuhan was named as the epicentre of the deadly virus. We saw the mainstream media calling the virus the Wuhan Virus followed by the hashtags #WuhanVirus on Twitter ignoring the very fact that the neighbouring city of Hubei had in fact overtaken Wuhan in terms of infection and death rates. Leaving countries such as Australia focusing now on people from Hubei.

The WHO has continually failed to declare an international public health emergency believing it was it “too early” yet have now finally declared a global health emergency and now are crying that action is needed to prevent the spreading of the Coronavirus.

The world Health Organization (WHO), strongly recommends that nations DO NOT ban flights from China claiming that unless you lockdown exit from the country, banning of any direct flights doesn’t stop people coming from China.

The statements from WHO are contradictory and hypocritical, even more dangerous is the fact that they are also now the part-cause of the spread of the now global virus.

If WHO is hell bent on containing the virus you have to ask the question, why isn’t China in its totality locked down?

Now instead of having to contain the virus in China, millions have been allowed to leave China creating a global pandemic. We don’t know where they are? Who they are? Leaving countries now scrambling to locate thousands of people in their country in the fight to contain the virus and protect their citizens that should never have been allowed to depart China in the first place.

WHO is definately tip toeing when it comes to China, like Australia tippy toes when dealing with Indonesia for fear of offending. This is evident when WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus made the statement:

"The main reason for this declaration is not what is happening in China but what is happening in other countries."

"Let me be clear, this declaration is not a vote of no confidence in China," he said.

He praised the "extraordinary measures" Chinese authorities had taken and said there was no reason to limit trade or travel to China.

The current Australian travel advice is "Reconsider your need to travel to China overall due to travel restrictions by local authorities" with a "Do not travel to Hubei Province due to the outbreak of novel coronavirus" warning. Currently as at the 28th January 2020, there is no mention of a warning specific to #Wuhan province.

Meanwhile, the US has told its citizens not to travel to China.

The bottom line is there will be no possible way that following the advice from WHO that the Coronavirus will ever be contained if we don’t STOP all flights in and out of China.

The United Nations global agenda has always had as one of its agendas the free-movement of people globally, and it appears that even in the face of a possible world-wide lethal pandemic, the United Nations, through its WHO arm, is endeavouring to maintain its objective regardless of the cost to lives.



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